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Business Video
we can host IT.

what is IT?
In non-‘techie’ terms, our business video solution is a cloud-based, high definition, multi-participant video collaboration tool. It allows users to connect in a dynamic display of multiple video images and simultaneously shared desktops encouraging planned and ‘on the fly’ meetings and collaboration.

why it IT works
A solution that speeds up knowledge-sharing and overcomes the challenges of distance and time zones. Every company, whether it be small or medium-sized business has its own specific requirements for collaborating with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. RESOLVE 1 Business Video provides a fully managed service to ensure your video meetings bring all the business benefits without all the IT headaches!


what's in IT for me?

  • ŸŸ• Four types of meeting rooms to choose from: Round Table, Class, Plenary, and webinar rooms
  • ŸŸ• On-Demand – use it whenever you need it with no scheduling required
  • ŸŸ• Easy set-up for presenters and participants alike – no additional hardware to install
  • ŸŸ• Personalization – a web address is provided that is unique to your virtual venue
  • ŸŸ• Technical Support
  • ŸŸ• Account Management Portal – track, manage, record, and report.
  • ŸŸ• Flexible, easily accessible, and efficient 


who and how you can use IT 

  • ŸŸ• Various business professionals and executives 
  • ŸŸ• Education and training - a truly tailored approach to distance learning
  • ŸŸ• Training and Development 
  • ŸŸ• Weekly or team meetings, brainstorming. collaboration, and more. 

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IT for you.

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