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a secure, reliable, cloud-hosted video solution.

What is Enterprise Video?
An enterprise-grade, subscription-based video solution that provides a complete, secure and professional face-to-face video collaboration tool. Use it for meetings or interviews and work on ideas together with individuals or teams, regardless of distance or time zones. Meet across any network or operating system using any device, at any time and from anywhere.

Why RESOLVE Collaboration?
RESOLVE Enterprise Video provides a convenient and highly secure solution for organizations that want to utilize the incredible benefits of video collaboration. With RESOLVE, organizations can now leverage the reliability and security of Polycom’s RealPresence® – an industry leading, cloud-hosted video collaboration platform. There is no need for you to deploy, manage, or support specialized hardware and software. We also give you the ability to expand your investment as your video collaboration needs grow and evolve. RESOLVE provides a top-notch, fully managed service to ensure your video meetings bring together all the business benefits without all of the IT headaches!

Here's what you get:
• Cloud-hosted
– No need to purchase, deploy or manage hardware or software
Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) – a Virtual Meeting Room gives everyone the opportunity to attend the video meeting from any location. You can record and stream video, share audio and view documents. A VMR is much like a physical meeting room but instead of having a physical location; it has a virtual address
On-demand – Self-serve, 24/7 access
Security – Built-in encryption and network best practices
“Right Sizing” Solutions – Start small and grow later
“Burstability”– Exceeded your capacity? No worries, we never cut you off! We offer additional capacity if and when you need it
Multiple ways to connect – Boardroom systems, PC and Mac desktop/laptops, iOS and Android tablets/smartphones.

• Record meetings
• HD video quality
• Multi-party face-to-face desktop sharing
• Content sharing – share and review PowerPoint slides, videos, and much more.
• Click to dial from your corporate directory
• Chat live and instant message other users in your organization
• Multiple access points – Boardrooms, PC or Mac desktops/laptops, iOS and Android tablets/smartphones
• Hold multiple meetings and calls at the same time – at no extra cost!
• Flexible and easily accessible.

Enterprise Video makes it easy to deliver powerful collaboration tools for your organization with flexible deployment options that allow you to choose the best solution to meet your specific needs today and into the future. No growing pains – it’s easy to grow and upgrade from basic to more advanced features and functionality, if and when you need it.

Hands-on Training
We offer one-on-one virtual training sessions that guide your through how to use the system. These sessions will prepare you to participate in video meetings using your computer or mobile device and start using the features to realize the full benefits of video collaboration first hand.

• A cost-effective solution. Monthly and annual subscription plans are available.
• Access to RESOLVE’s support and expertise
• Tips and best practices for getting the most out of video collaboration

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Create a video collaboration culture with a consistent, reliable and user-friendly experience that both IT and users can rely on.

Improve culture, efficiency and effectiveness by video-enabling your workforce.

Easily scales up and down to add new features and capabilities that work for you today and in the future.

Flexible and scalable to suit the needs and size of your workforce

Affordable Monthly and Annuals Subscription Plans

Easy to integrate, easy to use and easy to manage

Record and Playback

Training and Ongoing Support

Connect to multiple devices over any O/S

No Hardware Required