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Pay less, talk more!

What is it?
In non-‘techie’ terms, audioconferencing is a telephone meeting and is sometimes called “teleconferencing” as well. An ideal solution when video and/or visual collaboration is not needed.

Why RESOLVE Collaboration?
Our reservationless audioconferencing is an easy and efficient solution for your everyday business needs – whether you’re hosting daily/weekly team meetings, or connecting with colleagues, clients and partners locally or around the world. Its available 24/7 – you can manage your calls with our online portal and use a multitude of feature codes whether using a landline or mobile. We give you the power to host conference calls whenever you need it – there are absolutely no limitations – just another reason why we’re not your typical IT department!

remember, IT’s reservationless!
Hold your conference call at any time without making a reservation. Additional call management features are available online.

and IT’s also automated!
Use a dedicated participant and moderator passcode to enter the conference without operator assistance.

Who and how you can use it:Ÿ
• Various business professionals and executives
ŸŸ• Can be used across any industry, organization, operating system or device
ŸŸ• Small to medium-sized businesses
ŸŸ• Use it for: collaboration • daily or weekly team meetings • local or international calls

What's included:
High-definition audio
Local and international access numbers
Technical / Operator support
International Dialing - Expand your global reach and to connect your international participants to your conference using our local and international access numbers
Presentation Mode - Mute all participants during your conference to reduce background noise and limit interruptions. Participants will not have the capability to unmute their lines, allowing you to deliver your message uninterrupted
Group Mute/Unmute - Silence all participants’ lines by pressing a keypad command on your telephone
Online Call Feature Management - Use our online portal to control aspects of your call features
Phone Commands - Control your conference with the touch of a button on your telephone keypad
Roll Call - A complete listing of your participants by a count and/or name
Security - We provide added levels of security for your audioconference to resolve potential exposure for system vulnerability
Record - Digitally record your conference call

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High-Definition Audio



Presentation Mode

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