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Web Conferencing
IT just works.

what is IT?
In non-technical terms, web conferencing is a software-based application that is intended for “many to many” collaboration. It can be considered the online equivalent of a live meeting. Hosts and attendees are empowered to interact, share applications, and collaborate on documents in real time.

RESOLVE web conferencing is the ultimate meeting tool. It allows you to engage in a face-to-face conversation, empower interaction, share PowerPoint© presentations, documents, applications, and desktops.

The best part is, our platform is extremely user-friendly and each participant can access it via a web browser, whether they’re using a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Concerned about bandwidth? Don’t worry, we got IT covered.

what IT means for your business 
• affordable • no travelling time • drive productivity • reduced carbon footprint • accessible • flexible

how we do IT

  • Affordable Pricing Packages
  • No Software Required – Start meetings instantly. Participants don’t have to worry about downloading additional software
  • Multi-lingual Interface – Our platform is designed to support any language and character set including Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese,Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian
  • Personalization – We will personalize your virtual meeting room with your logo and corporate colors
  • Track and Manage – our Account Management Portal enables you to track your staff usage, update your accounts, and configure each call as you see fit
  • Complete Support – we provide end-to-end client support including: weekly training, live support, and “how to” guides at no additional cost.

let us demo IT for you.

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