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what is IT?
We’ll create the blueprint for seamless videoconferencing technology and equipment solutions. Whether it be upgrading, integrating into a legacy system or a brand new collaboration technology endeavor – we’ll design a solution that’s right for you.

We offer a complete and extensive portfolio of conferencing equipment ranging from personal systems, huddle rooms and executive boardroom solutions. Our customized design and installation services provides you with comprehensive solutions that address your business objectives, costs and manageability, IT requirements and the overall adoption and usability of your employees.

And our unique advanced coverage program, Protect IT offers world-class service and investment protection through our industry certified technical support, a 24/7 test facility and software upgrades (just to name a few!). You'll reduce down-time and on-going maintenance costs, allowing you to concentrate on your business on hand.

how we do IT 
1. DISCOVER – First, we assess and gather all the relevant information to understand your: planned usage, IT applications, current network, specific technical requirements and/or system integration touchpoints.
Then, we analyze various technical and physical aspects of the design so your solution integrates smoothly into the environment, ensuring an optimal end-user experience.
ŸŸ3. REVIEW – Finally, we’ll present our findings and initial technical recommendations for deployment based on your requirements.

what can RESOLVE offer you?
We ask the questions relevant to personalizing the solution that’s right for you and your organization – Who’s using IT? When will you use IT? How will you use IT?

Our technical experts can develop a detailed deployment design for your specific environment. This includes solutions for:
• Videoconferencing
• Audio Conferencing
• Boardroom automation and integration
• Boardroom environment enhancements

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Whether it be upgrading, integrating or implementing collaboration technology - we'll design a solution that's right for you!

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