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Event Audioconferencing
we can do IT like no one else can.

what is IT?
In non-‘techie’ terms, RESOLVE Event Audioconferencing is also known as an event call. An event call is an audio call conducted by you, but fully administered and supported by us – ensuring a technically sound, professional call every time.

why it IT works
Have a major corporate announcement, press release, or campaign launch and don’t want to use the ‘conventional’ method of email to do so. Let’s face it – emails gets lost, easily forgotten, and doesn’t provide that special human voice that an event call can do. RESOLVE ensures your message leaves an engaging, lasting, and professional impression.


what’s in IT for me?

  • ŸŸ• Dedicated coordinator and operator 
  • ŸŸ• Easy Scheduling – simply let us know your time and date
  • ŸŸ• Technical Support – don’t worry, we got you covered
  • ŸŸ• Bilingual Options
  • ŸŸ• Account Management Portal – track, manage, record, report, and more.
  • ŸŸ• Flexible, easy accessible, and efficient – ensures a seamless blend of technologies.


who and how you can use IT 

  • ŸŸ• Various business professionals and executives 
  • ŸŸ• Public Relations / Marketing & Sales
  • ŸŸ• Training and Development 
  • ŸŸ• New and experienced users