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Concierge Video

we do it like no one else can.

what is it?
In non-‘techie’ terms, our concierge videoconferencing is a high-touch, fully-managed service that uses state-of-the art technology alongside highly knowledgeable technicians that allows for a ultra-professional virtual venue to host company-wide announcements, virtual training sessions, employee interviews, presentations, and much more.

why it works:
A collaborative solution that lets you be both seen and heard. RESOLVE knows you don’t have the time to mess around with wires and connections – but we do! Our technical production team delivers the means for you to conduct that ‘perfect’ meeting. Just walk in and start – leave all the IT stuff to us. RESOLVE takes full responsibility for scheduling and managing to monitoring and reporting. Trust us, we got it covered!  

what's included?
ŸŸ• Dedicated live support and training
ŸŸ• Virtual meet n' greet – ensures everything is covered from the techie stuff to production assets like camera positioning and lightingŸŸ

• Technical Support – as always, we got you covered!
ŸŸ• Site Certification – our help desk will contact and conduct a site certification
ŸŸ• Account Management Portal – track, manage, record, report, and more
ŸŸ• Transcoding – ensures a seamless blend of technologies.

who and how you can use it: 
ŸŸ• Various business professionals and executives
• New and experienced users
ŸŸ• Media and televised events
ŸŸ• Scripted and/or ad hoc events
ŸŸ• Employee interviews
ŸŸ• Virtual training 

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Virtual Meet n' Greet

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Technical Support

Track, Manage and
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