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Event Audioconferencing
make IT more than just a call.

what is IT?
In non-‘techie’ terms, RESOLVE Event Audioconferencing is also known as an "event call". An event call is a call conducted by you, but fully administered and supported by us – ensuring a technically sound, professional call every time.

Do you have a major corporate announcement, press release, or campaign launch and don’t want to use the ‘conventional’ method of email to do so? Emails get lost, easily forgotten, and doesn’t provide that special human touch that an event call can - ensuring your message has a engaging, lasting, and professional impression. Don't get lost in the email shuffle - let RESOLVE put a voice to your name!

what's in IT for me?
ŸŸ• High-definition Audio - clear, crisp, and spacious sound
ŸŸ• Local and international access numbers – participants dial-in without incurring any long distant charges
ŸŸ• On-Demand – Dial-in numbers and passcodes are available 24/7
ŸŸ• Technical Support - as always, we got you covered!
ŸŸ• Account Management Portal – track, manage, configure, record, and report
ŸŸ• Personalization – we'll personalize your dial-in prompt for that personal touch.

who and how you can use IT 
ŸŸ• Various business professionals and executives
ŸŸ• Small to medium-sized businesses
• New and experienced users
ŸŸ• Audio collaboration with local and distant participants

go ahead and
call us on IT!

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  • +1 (416) 848-4899
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