we make IT easy.

what is IT?
In non-‘techie’ terms, webcasting is a “one to many” communication tool with both an audio and visual component that broadcasts a message out to viewers using streaming media technology. Something to note, real-time interaction between the presenter(s) and viewer(s) is usually reserved for a Q & A session towards the end of the webcast.

why it IT works
RESOLVE can deliver your message with a truly limitless reach. Communicate virtually with your audience and ultimately put a face to your name – something that an email just can’t do! With RESOLVE webcasting you can rest assured that your message remains current, can be updated, and posted online allowing your audience to access and stream your message at anytime and anywhere!

what's in IT for me?

  • ŸŸ• Professional and technically sound delivery  
  • ŸŸ• Delivered across multiple platforms and technologies
  • ŸŸ• Technical Coordination - don't worry, we can do IT! 
  • ŸŸ• Technical Support – as always, we got you covered!
  • ŸŸ• On-Brand – incorporate a branded look and feel
  • • Flexible audience sizes
  • • Hassle-free, convenient service – guaranteed!


who and how you can use IT 

  • ŸŸ• Various business professionals and executives 
  • ŸŸ• Can be used across any industry or organization
  • ŸŸ• Message is transformed into a reusable and portable resource 
  • ŸŸ• Corporate announcements, presentations, and much, much more. 

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IT for you.


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