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What is it?
In non-‘techie’ terms, web conferencing is a software-based application for “many to many” collaboration. It can be considered the online equivalent of a live, in-person meeting. Hosts and attendees are empowered to interact, share applications and collaborate on documents in real time.

Why RESOLVE Collaboration?
RESOLVE Web conferencing is a hassle-free virtual meeting tool ideal for ad-hoc and scheduled meetings. An easy, intuitive interface allows you to engage face-to-face, empower interaction, and drive productivity. Great features like sharing PowerPoint© presentations, documents, videos, and your desktop lets you get down to business - what more can you ask for?

What's included:
• Affordable and flexible pricing
ŸŸ• Multi-lingual interface
– supports any language or character set
ŸŸ• Personalization
– virtual meeting room can be branded with logos
• Private and public text chat
ŸŸ• Record or upload videos
– record on the spot, upload a pre-recorded video or use YouTube
ŸŸ• Virtual White Board
ŸŸ• Desktop Sharing
ŸŸ• PowerPoint® Slide Shows
ŸŸ• Q & A Manager
ŸŸ• Presenter Workflow
ŸŸ• Interactive Recordings and Replays
ŸŸ• Account Management Portal
– track, manage, record, and report
ŸŸ• Transcoding
– ensures a seamless blend of technologies.

Who and how you can use it: 
• Various business professionals and executives
• Can be used across any industry or organization
• For various types of meetings, brainstorm sessions, collaborating, and more
ŸŸ• New and experienced users

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Affordable and Flexible Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions

Multi-lingual Interface

Private and Public
Text Chat


Upload and Stream YouTube Videos

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