Multimedia Broadcast Studio

Host panel discussions, interviews, training webinars and more from our state of the art studio in the heart of downtown Toronto. Complete with green screen, lighting and dedicated project management, it’s the perfect way to enhance your digital events.


 Wired and wireless microphones
ꞏ Studio lighting
ꞏ Green screen for customization and branding
ꞏ High speed internet connection
ꞏ Single or multi camera shoots
ꞏ On screen titles and logos
ꞏ Separated broadcast booth
ꞏ Tables, chairs or stand-alone stools
ꞏ Preview monitors


 Located downtown Toronto
ꞏ Professional support team of audio video engineers
ꞏ Available 24x7
ꞏ All equipment and support included

Choose the way you want to present

Single Speaker

Multiple Presenters

Panel Discussions


Single Camera Video

Multi-Camera Video

Green Screen


Audio Only

Audio + Presentation

Audio + Video

Audio + Video + Presentation

Now, choose from a multitude of video, web and social media streaming platforms:

Check out a Video + Audio webinar presented by NEXT Canada which was recorded, streamed and produced live from our studio

Here's an example of an Audio + Presentation live webinar presented by
Impact Coaches

Are you ready to start broadcasting?

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