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what is IT?
In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, the ability to make better decisions faster is critical to any organization’s success. And there’s simply no substitute for face-to-face collaboration when it comes to making those decisions.

RESOLVE Enterprise Video conferencing solution eliminates the barriers of location, time, and cost that can hinder face-to-face collaboration. Organizations can now leverage the reliability and security of Polycom’s industry-leading RealPresence©  platform without needing to deploy, manage and support specialized hardware and software.

Polycom’s intuitive design allows users to easily find colleagues, place calls, share content and access advanced features from any endpoint or software client. Through the use of Polycom’s built-in AES encryption and security best practices you can ensure your audio, video and data traffic will remain fully secure as they pass across the network.

For companies that already own some of Polycom’s solutions, RESOLVE Enterprise Video allows you to expand the use and functionality of your existing deployment. Larger group meetings, mobile participants, on-demand recording and streaming, the uses are unlimited and with no capital costs your original investment can yield an additional return on investment.

It’s a convenient and affordable solution for organizations that want to discover the benefits of video collaboration, while providing the ability to expand their investment as their business needs grow and evolve.

how we do IT 

  • Virtual Meeting Rooms – Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, over any device
  • Enterprise-grade security and reliability
  • Virtual Software and Support Services
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Reservationless – No scheduling required
  • B2B and B2C Video Collaboration – Video conferencing and content sharing isn't limited to just your organization - collaborate with partners, customers, vendors, and more.
  • Better and secure meeting access options for internal and external meetings.

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