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Endpoint + Service Subscription Packages

Enjoy peace of mind with hassle-free deployment, secure connections, technical support and service coverage all for a low monthly cost. Our all-in-one solutions provide you with a consistent turnkey solution that can be easily deployed and managed with the latest video conferencing technology our cloud video service. All the while, ensuring technical expertise and support along with premier service coverage.



Premier Service Coverage
H.323 and SIP Endpoint Support
Registered User Accounts *
PC and MAC Client
iOS and Android Client
Web Browser Access
Telephone Access (Canadian Local Numbers)
Telephone Access (US Local, Toll-Free and International Numbers) *
Telephone Participants Included in Capacity  
Content Sharing
Endpoint Customizable Layouts
Call Detail Records
Searchable Directory
Self-Serve Provisioning Portal
Phone and Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Meeting Moderator Control
Peer to Peer Calling
Guaranteed Renewal Rates
AES and SSL Encryption
Burstable Capacity
Legacy ISDN/H.320 Support *
* additonal fees may apply

RealPresence Trio

A smart hub for your group collaboration and brings easy-to-use, no-compromise visual collaboration to spaces of all sizes.


RealPresence Debut

An enterprise grade video conferencing solution made simple, elegant, and affordable for huddle rooms and smaller spaces.


RealPresence Group Series 300/310

Features simple setup and configuration, and a compact, sleek design that is easily hidden out of sight, keeping your rooms clutter-free.



Polycom RealPresence

✓ Cloud Video Subscription

✓ 1 Virtual Meeting Room

✓ 100 Participant Capacity

✓ Unlimited Meetings

✓ Unlimited Recordings




Polycom RealPresence

Includes BRONZE features


✓ Directory Services

✓ 2 Installed Clients/VMR

✓ Directory Services

✓ OffNet Calling



Polycom RealPresence
Group Series 300 & EagleEye Acoustic Camera

Includes SILVER features


✓ 1 Self-Serve Webcast

✓ GOLD Audio Package




$319 (1-year term)

$219 (2-year term)


Polycom RealPresence
Group Series 310 & EagleEye IV-4X Camera

Includes GOLD features




Polycom RealPresence
Group Series 310 & EagleEye IV-12X Camera

Includes PLATINUM features