Enterprise Video for Education
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what is IT?
Our enterprise-grade, subscription-based video solution provides a complete, secure and professional face-to-face video collaboration tool. Use it for meetings or training and work on ideas together with individuals or teams, regardless of distance or time zones. Meet across any network or operating system using any device, at any time with the reliability and security of Polycom’s RealPresence® industry-leading, video collaboration platform across the trusted ORION fiber optic network with RESOLVE’s cloud-hosting infrastructure, on-going support and the resources needed to back IT up!

RESOLVE Enterprise Video provides a convenient and highly secure solution for organizations that want to utilize the incredible benefits of video collaboration. With RESOLVE, institutions can now leverage the reliability and security of Polycom’s RealPresence® cloud-hosted video collaboration platform. There is no need for you to deploy, manage, or support specialized hardware and software. We also give you the ability to expand your investment as your video collaboration needs grow and evolve. RESOLVE provides a top-notch, fully managed service to ensure your video meetings bring together all the business benefits without all of the IT headaches!

what's in IT for me?
• Cloud-hosted
– No need to purchase, deploy or manage hardware or software
ORION network – The only high-speed, fibre-optic network specifically committed to supporting research, education and innovation in Ontario.
Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) – Unlimited amount of VMR Numbers for your institution to use! Collaborate using any device, from any location
On-demand – Self-serve, 24/7 access
Security – Built-in encryption and network best practices
Complete collaboration solution – Brings all the latest communication and collaboration features together in one
“Burstability”– Exceeded your capacity? No worries, we never cut you off! We offer additional capacity if and when you need it
Multiple ways to connect – Boardroom systems, PC and Mac desktop/laptops, iOS and Android tablets/smartphones.

User Experience – An ultra-intuitive design that heightens the user experience allowing users to easily find colleagues, place calls, share content and access from any endpoint or web client
Enterprise-grade – Broad, high quality, secure and reliable
Ecosystem Friendly – Interoperability and integration. Maximize your existing investment – we offer opportunities to expand and maximize use and functionality for organizations that already own and/or use other videoconferencing solutions or deployments
Various Access Methods – H.323 and SIP endpoint support. Local dial-in audio access.

• Use your company directory for easy one-click dialing
• Chat live / unlimited instant messaging with other registered users in your institution
• Multiple client access points – Boardroom systems, PC or Mac desktops/laptops, iOS and Android tablets/smartphones
• Record and stream up to 100 simultaneous viewers
• Canadian-owned and operated.

Enterprise Video makes it easy to deliver powerful collaboration tools for your institution with flexible deployment options including; on premise, cloud and hybrid solutions that allow you to choose the best solution to meet your specific needs today and into the future. It can also offer further integration into distance learning and other virtual learning or presentation opportunities.

Data Sovereignty
Our data centers are built to accommodate data residency and can guarantee that your data stays within Canada, at all times.

Cost Benefits & Control
Guaranteed 2 & 3 year renewal rates at the same rate as year 1 with subscription upgrades available for each endpoint purchased from us.

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Flexible and Scalable to Suit the Needs and Size of your Institution

Affordable Monthly and Annual Subscription Plans

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use and Easy to Manage

ORION Nebula Partner

Training and ongoing support

100% Canadian Owned and Operated

No hardware or Software Required