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Public Hearings
Public hearings are vital part of the public’s participation in many areas of concern such as the environment, human rights and land development. Given the inherent mandate of government to ensure accessibility to public hearings the Resolve Collaboration webcast system provides an affordable and easy to use system for government agencies to broadcast public hearing proceedings. Through the use of this system government bodies are able to extend the reach of their hearings to interested parties that may not be able to attend in-person.

The RESOLVE Public Hearings webcast system is a cloud-based live media streaming service that provides robust, scalable and reliable webcasting. In addition to superior technology, a live Network Operations Centre is available to provide real-time support to broadcast initiators though real-time chat, email or phone.

IT's simple and easy to use
The broadcast system is simple and easy to use and requires no special technology. The hearing coordinators simply dials into a toll free or local access phone number, enter their PIN code and the broadcast begins. You can choose to use our fully customizable lobby pages to make your hearings available to the public, or embedded our player in your own website.

The hearing control panel provides the hearing coordinator with a set of tools to;

  • ŸŸ• Start and Stop the Broadcast
  • ŸŸ• Play Holding Music
  • ŸŸ• Adjust the Volume
  • ŸŸ• Monitor the Broadcast
  • ŸŸ• Text Chat with the Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • ŸŸ• Push Messages to the Audience (On-break, In-Camera, etc)
  • ŸŸ• View a real-time count of listeners 

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