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 IT's easier than you think.

what is IT?
In non-‘techie’ terms, webinars is short for web-based seminar. A “one to many” communication tool with both an audio and visual component. Something to note, webinars encourage real-time interaction and communication between the presenter(s) and the audience.

RESOLVE can creatively transform your live event, lecture, or presentation into a media-rich, interactive and engaging online event - no really, we can! Let's move beyond those simple PowerPoint© presentations and screen sharing into a fully produced, professional event. Let RESOLVE take care of all the administrative and technical stuff before, during and after your webinar so you can focus on the most important thing – your message!

what's in IT for me?
ŸŸ• Professional and technically sound delivery
ŸŸ• Dedicated technical coordinator and producer
ŸŸ• On Brand – incorporate a branded look and feel
ŸŸ• Technical Support - as always, we got you covered!
ŸŸ• Host IT live or deliver IT later!

who and how you can use IT
ŸŸ• Various business professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs
• Can be used across any industry or organization
ŸŸ• Message is transformed into a reusable and portable resource
ŸŸ• Training seminars, announcements, new product launches, and more. 

let us demo
IT for you.


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