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October 15th, 2020

The Art of Listening

HOST: Don Schapira: Q.Med, Fresh Start Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada

What communication skill could be more basic than listening? We spend more time listening than any activity except breathing, yet we listen at only a fraction of our potential. We believe ourselves good listeners but what if we could improve? This webinar will highlight the seven “Laws of Good Listening” and will illustrate the surprising value of attentive silence, the need to find something of interest in the person speaking, the importance of staying out of the speaker’s way, and the role of body language in listening. Each “law” is a key toward improved listening and communication and you will leave with practical skills that you can implement immediately to improve your communications with others!

Don Schapira, Q.Med. founded Fresh Start Mediation in 2014 because he believed that there was a better way to overcome conflict in the Family Room, Board Room and the Class Room.

After his own divorce in 2008, Don understood that in communication there are two equally important aspects – Talking and even more important, Listening.

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November, 2020

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