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Don Schapira

The Art of Listening

Click Here to Watch Don Schapira Q.Med, Fresh Start Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada What communication skill could be more basic than

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Saraj Bellon


Click Here to Watch Sajel Bellon Behavioural Science Professor, Psychotherapist You already have everything you need to navigate life’s challenges and overcome obstacles. You’ve proven

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Mark Black

The Resilience Roadmap

Click Here to Watch Mark Black Certified Speaking Professional, Coach and Author The Resilience Roadmap help you deal with adversity on a daily basis. From

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Dan Collison

The New Science of Peak Performance

Click Here to Watch Daniel Collison Managing Partner, Advice2Advisors Daniel Collison is the Managing Partner with financial education firm Advice2Advisors, which trains, mentors and coaches

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