Choosing the Right Collaboration Solution

Here's a quick break down to show you some of the uses, features and benefits that both video and web conferencing can offer.


So, what's the difference?

Web conferencing makes it possible to share screens and PowerPoint presentations in real-time with audio participants. It’s an effective solution for online demonstrations, one-to-one or one-to-many presentations. Features include audience polling, chat, Q&A’s and more.

Video conferencing on the other hand gives everyone a seat and a face at the table and is intentionally designed around meetings.

Traditionally, video conferencing technology has been limited to larger, integrated, and expensive boardrooms. But with the move to cloud-based video, this is a thing of the past.

Cloud video offers interoperability like connecting hardware and software platforms together to provide a uniform and intuitive user experience for businesses that have multiple boardrooms, locations, simultaneous and ah-hoc meeting with a mix of office and mobile workers – enabling a video collaboration culture and inherent user experience.

Video enables communication in all of the different ways people meet – instant and scheduled, allowing you to connect to boardrooms and remote users on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

For either conferencing solution, an array of interactive features like instant messaging, virtual whiteboards and content sharing work cohesively to create a more engaging and productive collaborative experience for all.

So, ask yourself some preliminary questions –
How do you want to connect? Do you use a boardroom or an office? Are you a road warrior? All these questions come into play when choosing the right collaboration solution to meet your needs.

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