What is a Legacy Gateway Services?

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What is ISDN?

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ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a protocol for data transmission over PSTN. (Public Switched Telephone Network) 

It was broadly used in the early days of video conferencing technology where multiple ISDN circuits (telephone lines) were “bonded” together to provide higher capacity bandwidth or broadband ISDN. 

The most common bandwidth used in video conferencing was 384kbps using a combined 3 ISDN circuits. It quickly fell out of common usage with the rise of low-cost packet switched (Internet) networks to transmit data.

Who uses ISDN for Video conferencing?

Although a legacy protocol, it offers a secure and point to point connection between two sites for video conferencing.

Companies or government agencies may use it in instances where they want to eliminate the Internet as a transmission route.

It may also be used in some underdeveloped regions where Internet is nonexistent and ISDN in the only means of video transport. 

What is an ISDN Gateway?

This is a service provided to connect incompatible video network devices together into a single videoconference.

This could include one or more types of ISDN based video conference locations connecting with one or our Internet based video conference systems.

Without a gateway there would not be a compatible route between these two groups of systems. 

What Protocols and bandwidth are supported?

Resolve Collaboration supports the following protocols and bandwidths for ISDN lines. 

  • H.320
  • 128kbps (2x 64 kbps channels), 256kbps (4 channels), 384kbps (6 channels), 512kbs (8 channels)


Resolve Collaboration can provide a gateway for these protocols to any SIP or H.323 video conference endpoint. 

Where is the Gateway located?

The Resolve Collaboration ISDN Gateway is based in Toronto, Canada using a Poly RMX MCU.

Is this self managed service?

No, this a fully managed, scheduled service provided under the Resolve Collaboration Video Concierge service. 

How can Resolve Help?

Resolve Collaboration maintains legacy BRI and PRI services to enable ISDN connectivity to SIP/H.323 video conference systems.

Our offering allows PRI and BRI connected ISDN video conferencing systems, Polycom, Cisco, Radvision, Tandberg to dial in or dial out through our video conferencing gateway and bridge services. 

Our support team has experienced technicians that can help setup your ISDN service video calls, troubleshoot issues, conduct pre-conference testing.

 We can even connect ISDN endpoints into leading video platforms such as Zoom, Teams or WebEx. 

How much does it cost?

There are two billable components to the ISDN Gateway Service. 

  • Gateway Connections and Long-Distance Charges. 
  • Gateway connections are billed $2.00 per minute (Canadian Dollars) per endpoint connecting to the gateway regardless of if they are ISDN or Internet based.  


Long Distance charges are applicable when the Resolve Collaboration gateway initiates an outbound call to the remote ISDN videoconference system. 

The per minute dial out rate to Canada, United States, Australia, UK, Germany, France, and most European countries is $2.00 per minute (Canadian Dollars) for 6 ISDN channels (384kbps) inclusive.

 Long Distance is billed in addition to the gateway connection charges, but only applies to outbound ISDN connections. 

 Other international destinations are available, and pricing can be provided upon request. 

 To discuss your gateway service needs, please contact our sales team.