5 Easy Tips on How to Remain Confident on Camera for Your Webinar

5 tips on how to remain confident on camera

Since the pandemic, what is life without podcasts, webinars, webcasts, and online meetings? These things are now somehow part of everybody’s life. Even most of the interviews for a job are conducted via a video conference

But what if you need to host your webinar and be the main focus on the camera? Things will change drastically as being on camera and leading the call, is a different story.

What will you do if you are not used to doing that and you might not have the best self-esteem of yourself?  What if you want to do an interview for a new job, or start your podcast or webinar

Of course, you must be bulletproof prepared and dare to break the ice. Your body image on camera will be the first impression and even if you are uncomfortable, you might need to fake it until you make it! 

Confidence is a clear difference between a successful and unsuccessful online meeting. You will see confidence is the key to on-camera success. When you are presenting on camera, your viewers will scrutinize body language.

Importance of self-esteem in 2022:

Before plunging into the tips to improve your body language and confidence, you must be aware of the importance of self-esteem. 

Nowadays, no one can imagine life without mobile phones, tablets, or laptops and it seems like everyone is making video calls at some point in time with one of them. Even if you have to attend a virtual meeting with your family or friends that is nothing professional via Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, MeetView or any other tools, self-esteem will always help make the call better.

How to remain confident on camera:

To build up confidence, you need some good tips and tricks. Here are some useful and easy tips to become confident on camera for any online events.

1- Do your homework properly:

Proper knowledge and grip on the topic of discussion are necessary to build up confidence. It requires a lot of hard work behind the camera. Here are some pointers to check before facing a camera.

  • If you are a host, prepare your questions wisely and chronologically.
  • Practice in front of a mirror before an actual conversation.
  • If you will do a webinar on a certain topic, do in-depth research.

Your level of knowledge of a certain topic will automatically raise your self-esteem and, ultimately, body image on camera.

Do your homework

2- Self-satisfaction brings out the confidence:

Have you ever noticed when you are satisfied from inside with your work, you feel confident outside? “Inner peace is the key to high self-esteem for AGM.” If you have worked hard the whole year and now it’s time to present it at your AGM, your low confidence can destroy your image and hard work. 

That’s why it’s necessary to relax. Think about all the efforts you have put into your work and confidently execute it on the camera.

3- Keep the surroundings comfortable:

Be calm before going on camera

Are you fully ready to record a webcast or webinar for an AGM?  Is there any noise outside the room or office, or does the room’s environment has distractions? It could not work out very well. 

To keep yourself focused, you need a quiet and clean environment. 

Your studio, room or office should not have too many vibrant colours that overtake your presence on camera and distract you. Try to keep things around you on a low profile. 

You can add frames and plants and keep the background according to your niche but not so vibrant. 

Beware of light coming in from the back. It will make your body and face all blacked out as the camera tries to compensate for the light. The best would be a source of light coming from the front and/or the top of you. 

4- Consider the camera as your friend:

Act as if the camera was a human being, and limit, as your friend as it might make you feel more confident and natural. You sit with your “friend” in a relaxed posture but without slouching.

Keep your eye contact straight. Don’t keep your hands and body too stern. Never cross your arms together. Give a friendly smile as if you would be talking with your friends. If your topic is more of a serious matter, simply act accordingly.

“Remember that simple body language is the right tool to connect with the audience.” A webcast/webinar or podcast is recorded to build a strong connection with your audience.

“Just imagining a camera, your friend will turn the table for you and develop confidence in you.”

But if you are about to join a video conference or an annual general meeting, your body language must be official. High self-esteem for AGM is essential as you represent your profession and company. 

5: Dress up accordingly:

Would you dress casually in a professional or an interview meeting? Probably not. Dressing up according to the situation will reflect who you are on camera. 

Dress up nicely if you want to level up your self-esteem in a video conference. For an annual general meeting, go for a three-piece or two-piece suit as if you were on stage in front of a live audience. 

If you are going for a more casual video meeting, casual dressing will be the best way to relax and talk to your audience. It will give your audience positive and friendly vibes.

“Dressing up according to the situation is a powerful tool for confidence and communication.”

Dress up accordingly for your video meeting

What did we learn here?

Communicating with confidence is a necessity in this new era of video communication. Even if you are an introvert, try to break the ice, practice by yourself, and become a pro by engaging in online video conferences and meetings. If you practice behind the camera and do your homework properly, nothing can stop you from becoming confident to face the camera for the webcast or video meeting.


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