Enterprise Video Deployment Plan
we do IT step-by-step.

STEP 1: Getting to Know your Equipment (1 hour boardroom)
This session is designed to train your users on the basics of the Polycom® video conferencing hardware. Users will spend an hour over a video call with a dedicated trainer learning the basics of the hardware. The topics covered include: ŸŸ
• Turning the system on/off

ŸŸ• Adjusting the camera
ŸŸ• Adjusting the volume
ŸŸ• Microphone placement
ŸŸ• Adjusting screen layouts
ŸŸ• Menu navigation
ŸŸ• How to use the remote control
ŸŸ• Sharing content from a laptop
ŸŸ• Making and receiving calls

STEP 2: Corporate Video User Training (45 minutes per user)
This session is conducted with each individual user that will regularly participate in video meetings. A one-to-one sessions is conducted with the user and will prepare them to participate in video meetings using their computer or mobile device. The topics covered include:
ŸŸ• Software installation and configuration
ŸŸ• Adjusting camera settings
ŸŸ• Adjusting volume settings
ŸŸ• Adjusting microphone settings
ŸŸ• Software toolbar navigation
ŸŸ• Sharing content
ŸŸ• Using the corporate directory
ŸŸ• Setting dialing preferences
ŸŸ• Making calls
ŸŸ• Basic troubleshooting

STEP 3: Virtual Meeting Rooms (1 hour per group)
This session is provided for all boardroom and corporate users once they have completed their individual training sessions. The goal is to get hands-on experience using the Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs). It is recommended that this session be conducted with a maximum of 10 participants. Multiple sessions can be scheduled to accommodate larger user groups. The topics covered include:
ŸŸ• Explanation of a Virtual Meeting Room
ŸŸ• Dialing into a Virtual Meeting Room
ŸŸ• Screen layouts
ŸŸ• Touch Tone feature commands
ŸŸ• Recording options
ŸŸ• Requesting new VMRs
ŸŸ• VMR Configuration Options
ŸŸ• Video conference etiquette
ŸŸ• Inviting guest participants via web, mobile, and telephone

STEP 4: Documentation
A detailed dialing guide with the VMR information specific to your company will be distributed to all participants.

STEP 5: First Meeting
An optional service for when you are ready to hold your first meeting. You can inform your account manger of the date and time and an operator will be on standby to assist in case any last minute issues pop up!

STEP 6: Ongoing Support
Any time you are stuck or just can't remember something that was covered in training, your dedicated account manager is here to assist you! If you have new employees join the organization you can also request an appropriate training session for them.

STEP 7: Advanced Virtual Meeting Rooms (1 hour)
An optional session offered for experienced users looking to take a deeper dive into the advanced features of the Virtual Meeting Room. Topics include:
ŸŸ• Moderator/Participant Roles
ŸŸ• Roll Call
ŸŸ• Conference locking and security
ŸŸ• Conference audio controls
ŸŸ• Recording controls

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