At Resolve Collaboration, we understand the unique challenges and demands of enterprise events. Having had the privilege of collaborating with numerous Canadian companies from coast to coast to coast, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of today’s business landscape.

With 19 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, Resolve Collaboration is a Canadian company deeply rooted in the fabric of our nation’s business environment. We bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your enterprise events are not just successful but truly exceptional.

impactful virtual and hybrid events

Our focus is on delivering engaging and impactful virtual and hybrid events. Whether it’s a high-stakes Investor Relations event, an AGM that demands precision, or townhalls for effective employee communication, we specialize in seamlessly combining in-person and digital experiences.

We are pioneers in crafting hybrid events that seamlessly extend in-person meetings to the online realm. Embrace the power of hybrid events to reach a broader audience, enhance engagement, and maximize the impact of your enterprise gatherings.


We understand the importance of inclusivity. Resolve Collaboration goes beyond conventional event solutions by ensuring full accessibility. Our services include translation, captioning, American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des Signes Québécoise (LSQ) support, and VPAT compatibility for event websites. Your events will be accessible to everyone, leaving no one behind.

Choose Resolve Collaboration as your trusted partner and let us elevate your enterprise events to unprecedented heights. Contact us today, and together, we’ll create experiences that go beyond success
– they become the hallmark of excellence.

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