Most frequent questions and answers

Web Conferencing is a “collaborative” tool that can be considered the online equivalent of a live group meeting.
• Used for ad-hoc day to day meetings
• A live event application
• An on-demand software application allowing hosts to start and end meetings whenever the need arises.
• Supports webcam video.

Webcasting is a “one to many” application used to “broadcast” a message to large audiences.
• Used to communicate a “message” to large audiences
• Customizable service
• Needs to be scheduled in advance
• Can be delivered live or on demand with each event being recorded, archived, and hosted.

Yes, absolutely. This is were our process, team and platform truly shine. Contact one of our sales agents today to schedule in a demo.

Yes, we can provide Simultaneous Interpretation on multiple languages, as well as live captioning and transcriptions services.

Yes, our offices are equipped with multiple high resolution recording stations to provide the highest quality and flexibility to record multiple isolated streams at once.

Yes, Resolve has a custom built solution we call the “Remote Presenter Kits”, which are maintained by the resolve team, pre-configured for each presenter before being shipped out. Each kit includes everything the presenter requires such as laptop, headphones, tabletop microphone and we can even provide mobile internet solutions, upon request. It is pure plug and play.

Each Remote Presenter Kit rental includes: 1x Molded flight case, 1x Laptop, 1x Power supply, 1x HD web camera, 1x Headset, 1x tabletop microphone, 1x Instruction sheet.

• Guests – You can request an additional username/password and they can install the RP client on their device. On February 2nd we will be launching a new extension to the service allowing to participants to join as a guest from a browser.
• Virtual Meeting Rooms – You can have as many Virtual Meeting Rooms as you would like at no extra cost.
• PIN Codes – We can enable PIN codes on your account. This will prompt for an additional access code when participants join the meeting. You can change the codes anytime you like using your videoconference system.

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