We’ve added a new member to the RESOLVE team!

Floyd Fernandes,
Multi-Media Event Producer

Floyd is passionate about producing live and engaging real-time content. With 6+ years of experience in Live Television and Broadcast, he has developed the skills and knowledge to bridge Creative Vision with Technical Solutions. His role as Technical Director & Producer on various scale productions has had him planning and building control rooms,  budgeting and researching production equipment and directing live events and shows. All while ensuring that the numerous pieces involved in content creation and technical operation are in place and operating smoothly. Very driven in his field and constantly tracking the increasing influence of the ‘Internet of Things’, he recognizes the immense potential it has to positively influence Live Multi-Media. Floyd excels at helping you navigate the haze of Techno-babble to give you an easy to understand perspective of how awesome technology today and in the future is going to be for content and productions.