DO speak up
The ability to hear everyone is important. Make sure microphones are well positioned — and speak slowly and clearly, especially when bilingual participants are involved.

DO keep it simple
Straightforward technology is key. Remember, the easier you make your technology to access and use, the more people will adopt it.

DO make eye contact
Good eye contact is vital to a successful video meeting. So, look at your on-screen colleagues as if they are in the room — and make sure that all video participants are visible on the screen.

DON’T ignore your background
Music, noise or décor can be distracting.  So, remember to turn off those tunes and check out what’s visible behind you before you join a call. 

DON’T check facebook
People notice those who are multitasking or looking bored. So take note, colleagues don’t need to see your screen to know you’re not fully focused on the meeting.

DON’T forget about your mobile phone
Mobile phones going off can be a meeting killer. So, mute or turn off your phone before tuning into your next video meeting.