Is Rising Gas Price Makes Remote Working Even More Attractive?

When Rising Gas Price Makes working remotely even more attractive

The gradual increase in gas prices is an issue that worries and affects millions of Canadian citizens. The phenomenon, which has been occurring since March of this year, came under the spotlight again on June 13, when a last count of current values showed historical (and also alarming) figures in fuel prices.

In early March, conflicts that began to brew in other parts of the world led to the first significant increase in gas prices.

In the first week alone, values rose by almost $0.10 in the province of Quebec, i.e., a liter of gasoline went from $1.66 to $1.75. Currently, a liter of gasoline is over $2.00 and what worries experts is that this is not nearly the highest value we will get this year.

However, many speculate that it is not a problem of shortages, but rather that the exorbitant rise in gas prices is due more to the uncertainty of what could happen.

The real problem began when the increase in the price of gasoline began to be reflected in the prices of basic consumer products such as food. As expected, it has also affected the mobilization mechanisms of citizens in general and, of course, of workers.

How does the increase in gas prices affect workers?

As we have already mentioned, workers are not exempt from suffering the consequences of the increase in fuel prices. In fact, they are one of the sectors most affected and for whom it is necessary to look for alternatives.

The way things are going, filling the tank of an average vehicle requires an investment of a fraction of what a worker earns in a day. If we think that this is not yet the critical point, imagining the near future may be discouraging, since it would clearly require a greater investment of family income, which could well be used to meet other needs.

One of the most efficient alternatives to counteract the effects of this crisis, both for the employer and its workers, is remote work.

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Drinking Coffee and working from home

How does remote work benefit us in difficult times?

According to international studies, during the period of confinement there was an impressive decrease in costs per employee in many companies around the world. But the benefits were not only on the employers’ side.

For the employee, this period also meant a gradual saving of several thousand dollars a year, where, curiously, a large part of these resources were destined to the purchase of gasoline and vehicle maintenance.

Remote working allowed workers to experience savings of up to 80% in transportation costs, a situation that allowed them to balance the increase in the prices of other basic consumer products.

Now that your employees have the skills necessary to perform certain tasks from home, alternating remote and on-site work can be of great benefit to both parties, which is why it continues to be a good option, even in post-pandemic times.

Other benefits of remote working

Working from home

Obviously, our current concern is on the side of gasoline prices, which is the issue that concerns us. However, remote working can also help to improve certain situations that we cannot solve under the traditional work model.

Remote workig reduces the consumption of unnecessary resources and supplies. An obvious example is the development of massive events that require a large investment in terms of transportation, travel expenses and sometimes lodging.

In view of the increase in the price of gas, catering services or the prohibitions that still prevail in the displacement from one place to another, using alternative resources to celebrate these events is the most appropriate thing to do.

The main alternatives offered by remote working are virtual events through webcast and webinar platforms.

Webcasting platforms such as MeetView are ideal for creating quality content, which will be flexible, engaging and easy to access.

You won’t have to worry about long hours in traffic to get to your office to meet with your employees for a routine meeting or travel across the country to meet with the leaders of other branches of your company. The content you need will always be just a click away: modern, interactive, high quality and with the ability to automatically scale.

Meetview as a platform offers you everything you need to successfully develop your virtual event.

Well-being and quality of life

It has been proven that the development of remote work improves the well-being and quality of life of workers. It improves concentration, mood, nutrition, and also allows establishing a point of balance between work and personal life.

Sustainable tool

Finally, it is necessary to mention that remote work allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only do we reduce the impact of the price of gasoline on the family economy. By using the vehicle less frequently, we are reducing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Enhance remote work experience with Resolve Collaboration Services

Although rising gas prices are a major concern today, using remote working, and with it virtual and hybrid events as a tool, can be of great benefit to employers and employees.

If one of your annual events is about to take place, do not hesitate to contact our experts. At Resolve Collaboration we offer you quality solutions to guarantee a successful event, developed with the best current technologies.

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