What are Kaptivo Live Whiteboards?

Kaptivo is an efficient, low cost accessory that captures and digitizes any content (words, drawings, etc.) created using dry-erase markers on a whiteboard (or any flat white surface for that matter), and makes live content instantly available to local and remote users within any web browser.

We are excited to be the first (and only) Canadian reseller of this new and unique online collaboration tool!

Interactive whiteboard technology can be clumsy and expensive, but Kaptivo is quick to install and effortless to use.

And, you don't need an IT professional to install it!

Work with your existing whiteboard just like you normally do, but stream it in real-time to any browser for viewing and downloading.

And, you can still use your favourite brand or colour whiteboard markers!

Send the live whiteboard image remotely to any web browser or email.

Automatically capture an image archive of all board changes.

Download and share the whole meeting as a multi-page presentation showing the natural progression of your whiteboard session.

Coming up with a great idea and just realized a colleague would benefit from attending the session? No problem, invite them instantly and directly from your web browser!

It works with all video conference platforms supporting screen sharing!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Wainhouse Research, the leading analyst in the UC&C space, does a deep dive into Kaptivo.
Read their review that explains why Kaptivo is the best addition to any meeting or conference room.

"All in all, Kaptivo doesn’t try to boil the Ocean. It is what it is, and it does what it does – extremely well. Nothing more. Nothing less.
All at a price point that should allow any organization to digitize all of its existing (and new) dry-erase boards."

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