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As we reimagine our lives in this new pandemic world, companies are being forced to pivot their business online to capture and retain their customer base. The virtual environment is fraught with challenges – distraction, conflicting priorities, lack of connection and the increasing reality of video-exhaustion.

Hi, my name is Claudette, and I have to confess I’m disruptive. My natural curiosity about problems started my 22-year career in training and development, and I love what I do even more so now in this new era of disruption.

As a certified learning and performance consultant and a life-long learner, it wasn’t enough to go online; I needed our employees and clientele to encounter a highly engaging, enriching, and fulfilling virtual experience. Based on feedback, we succeeded. Keeping our client engaged and our employees satisfied.

Janet Rouss

Brand Engineer

Janet is the Creative Strategist and Instructional Designer at Video Wisdom elearning studios – empowering organizations to engage with their people and provide enhanced customer experiences.

After 25 years as an award-winning Creative Director bringing innovation to clients such as Coca-Cola, P&G, Mattel, Heineken and Unilever, she now applies this creative marketing expertise to corporate initiatives to keep them ahead of the curve in these ever changing times.

She creates engaging video e-learning programs for employee training and development, as well as, customer attraction and retention. As an international speaker she inspires and educates her audience to think differently and take action. Janet is a Certified Trainer of Adults and Creative Problem Solving facilitator.


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