Corina Walsh

Certified coach, Author, and CEO

It is inevitable that at some point in our careers we will encounter an uncomfortable interpersonal situation. It might be a disagreement with a client or a personality clash with a co-worker. Understanding how to navigate difficult conversations and situations is a key skill all professionals must acquire to grow their career. In this session, certified professional coach Corina Walsh will share strategies anyone can use to transform confrontation into beneficial communication to move goals and relationships forward.

Corina Walsh is a certified coach, author, and the CEO of Shift People Development Inc. Through her coaching and advising she helps leaders build cultures of commitment and trust by having better conversations with their teams.

Corina has delivered her seminars and keynote addresses on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and Workplace Culture at conferences whose rosters include notables such as Brené Brown and Adam Grant. Corina’s flagship emerging leader program, Managing Made Easy, prepares managers and business owners to lead and engage teams in the new world of work. Corina is the author of The Engaged Employee Blueprint – Build a Workplace Culture Where Employees Thrive, a 2018 YWCA Woman of Distinction in Business, and a 2015 Top 50 Leader Under 40 in Atlantic Canada. Prior to starting her business, Corina had a successful 10-year career in both the private and public sector.


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