How to Stay Productive and remain sane while Working from Home

Stay productive and remain sain while working from home

Workplaces are continuously shifting to remote work with the prevailing situation of the COVID pandemic across the globe. Organizations have instructed their employees to work from home in order to stay operational without further spreading infection.

At this point, some of us have already been working from home for several months, or possibly more than a year.
Where working from home offers a wide range of advantages, for example, you don’t have to travel to the office, fewer timing restrictions, and flexible routine, it also comes with several challenges.

For example, being focused, sane and productive while working from home is a daunting task because there’re a lot of distractions that can surround you, and your home office setup might not be conducive to productivity.

However, you can stay productive and remain sane while working from home by following some useful tips and tricks that we’ve assembled here for you.

How can you stay productive while working from home?

 Prioritize Your Tasks and Adjust Your Goals

Working from home isn’t like working under normal circumstances at a proper workplace. You might have a bunch of things that can distract you from work and affect your productivity.

For example, there might be children and adult family members who need your time. In this situation, the best strategy is prioritizing your tasks in the order of their decreasing importance.

If you have a meeting to attend, you should place it at the top of your tasks list. It’s also important that when you’re going to sit for work, all the distractions should be sorted out already, so you can be focused, sane, and productive.

Adjust your daily goals with your routine activities to achieve a perfect balance between your personal and professional life.

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Create a Plan

A solid and well-organized plan can help you stay focused on your tasks and get things done more efficiently.

Some remote workers simply follow a formal work schedule while others use a simple to-do list, whoever, these two methods, without a plan, might not help you in the long-term.

Before starting your professional day, take a little time and think about the tasks you’re intended to do and the time at which you’ll do them.

Arrange these tasks in a well-organized plan that can help you stay committed throughout the day.

One of the best advantages of remote working is that it offers freedom to plan your day depending on your energy and strengths.

If you love to work in the morning, schedule all your essential tasks at the start of the day and save the boring and formality work for the afternoon.

The importance of an exciting start of your day

Happy Wakeup

An active and zestful start can set a sparkling tone for your whole day. So, focus on starting your day energetically and pleasantly. Add some exciting and healthy activities to your daily routine, such as:

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Have a morning walk and breath some fresh air
  • Make your own coffee and breakfast
  • Get dressed properly as if you would go to the office so you can get professional vibes
  • Read motivational quotes

Create a Dedicated Workspace in Your Home

A dedicated workspace in your home not only provides you with a professional environment but also offers a working experience free of distractions.

So, you must look for a space in your home where you can sit and work for hours without any distractions and inconveniences. The space you choose in your home for work should have the following features:

  • Reasonable quiet
  • Convenient
  • Ergonomic

Don’t choose your bed as your workplace because it’s a place for sleep, not for work. Always ensure that the place you choose has access to sunlight and fresh air to keep you active and agile.

Use tools to block out distractions


At last, when you draw a picture of you working from home in your mind, the first thing you imagine is a distraction-free environment in which you’re doing work at a steady pace.

However, a distraction-free environment is a somewhat tricky thing to achieve. There’re some tools that can help you block distractions while working from home.

For example, you can use professional headsets and webcams to block distractions like noisy background, rustling winds, etc.

You might be thinking about where to find these professional webcams and headsets; Luckily, at Resolve Collaboration, we have the latest digital technology-equipped professional headsets and webcams to make work from home a glorious experience for you!


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