Resolve Collaboration Core Methodology – Platform

Methodology Platform

The choice of your event platform is crucial for its success, and at Resolve Collaboration, we understand the importance of not only delivering a seamless production but also prioritizing accessibility for all participants. Leveraging our extensive production knowledge, we collaborate closely with clients to identify the ideal virtual solution that meets their specific needs, ensuring an inclusive and engaging experience.

Our proprietary Meetview platform, developed entirely in Canada, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. This industry-leading video broadcasting system provides maximum flexibility for branding and content delivery while upholding the highest standards of success for viewers. Particularly advantageous for large-scale video broadcasting, Meetview facilitates two-way interaction among speakers while delivering a one-way broadcast to the audience.

In our dedication to accessibility, we offer a range of features to enhance audience engagement without compromising on delivery consistency and control. Moreover, Meetview’s capabilities extend to integrated support for third-party services, including simultaneous interpretation, closed captioning, multi-language options, and customized voting systems. This ensures that your event is not only seamlessly executed but is also accessible to a diverse audience.

Recognizing the diversity of interactive video communication solutions, you may have a preferred platform or specific business requirements. Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or any other platform, our 4P’s principle guides our approach. Additionally, we emphasize the integration of accessibility features such as translation services, closed captioning, and sign language interpretation, making your event truly inclusive and accommodating to all participants.

At Resolve Collaboration, we believe in not only delivering exceptional production quality but also ensuring that every participant, regardless of their abilities, can fully engage in and benefit from your virtual or hybrid event. Our commitment to accessibility is ingrained in our approach, making us the ideal partner for events that prioritize inclusivity and excellence.