Retail Businesses Are Discovering Video Conferencing Technologies

Retail businesses are one market segment where you might not normally think about using video conferencing technologies. Sure, upper management and corporate retail offices use video conferencing solutions on a regular basis. However, what about your actual retail stores?

As retail markets have grown more competitive in recent years, thanks in part, to the Internet and online stores, retailers need to rethink marketing and sale strategies to remain competitive, grow, and mange what growth they do experience. One way to do this is to incorporate video conferencing into your operations.

Better Management of Supply Chains
One benefit retail stores gain by using video conferencing is being able to effectively communicate with their suppliers and ultimately the entire supply chain. From manufacturing to logistics to retail, everyone in the entire supply chain can communicate production delays, shipping concerns, and more, without having to leave their offices, while improving communications between everyone.

Faster Decision Making
Another benefit gained through video conferencing in the retail market is being able to make decisions faster across all levels of the business. For instance, a store manager might have a special need that is not being addressed and using traditional communication methods, like emails or phone calls, would require explaining their situation to multiple supervisors and managers before they could obtain a decision. With video conferring services, they only need to present their needs once to everyone they are required to discuss the matter with, and get a decision quickly.

Reduces Travel Time and Expenses
Regional and district managers can utilize video conferencing to cut down on their travel time and having to visit each and every store under their supervision. Rather, they can conduct meetings, share information, and address their store managers’ concerns from their office or home. Plus, it helps them determine which stores they actually have to visit.

Simultaneous Employee Training and Education
Employee education and training sessions are able to be accomplished much more quickly with video conferencing. Instead of having to train employees at each store or individually, smaller groups from multiple stores can participate in training simultaneously. In addition, training sessions can be recorded and viewed by employees when it is more convenient, which prevents taking them off of the sales floor and away from your customers.

Another popular employee training and education video conferencing method are “Lunch n’ Learns,” which are training sessions conducted during lunchtime, when employees are not on the sales floor. Utilizing the lunch hour is perfect for providing news, updates, and other vital internal communications, quickly, easily, and effectively to all of your stores and employees.

Improves Human Resources
Video conferencing streamlines your human resources management. Recruiting, scheduling initial interviews, and staffing can all be conducted virtually through video conferencing services. Plus, any required employee testing/screening which needs to be completed, may also be done online. Additionally, HR personnel and managers are better equipped to conduct health and safety training, discuss changes in HR policies and procedures, and more, to everyone within the organization all through video conferencing solutions.

Improves Loss Control and Prevention
When you incorporate audio services into video conferencing services, it is possible to implement store-wide communication solutions. As such, employees on the floor are able to use audio devices for a wide range of functions, such as requesting pricing information, reporting suspicious persons and shoplifters, and more.

Enhances Customer Service Levels
Retail stores are also using video conferencing solutions to enhance customer experiences and provide better customer service. They can broadcast live in-store events, like new product launches, through their video conferencing service, so customers can watch from home or at work, if they are unable to attend the event.

Further, if a customer calls and wants more details about a particular product, your sales staff can provide a higher level of customer service by having the customer access video conferencing and being able to show them the actual product by hand, demonstrate its uses, troubleshoot, diagnose, and more. This helps customers make purchasing decisions, whether they buy products through your online website or visit your actual retail locations.

Ensures Unity and Consistency between Retail Locations
Video conferencing services helps managers, senior staff, and store owners ensure their retail displays, product launches, and season merchandise are properly displayed at the right times. This provide unity and consistency between each of your locations, as well as franchised operations. Not to mention, you are able to alert staff of last-minute promotions, low inventories, and out of stock items.

Top Retailers Are Using Video Conferencing Solutions – You Should Too
The retail market has numerous people working at all levels and areas to ensure the success of retail businesses, often in a widely dispersed range of locations. Video conferencing technologies help address a wide range of solutions in an efficient and effective manner.

Retailers are starting to realize the benefits of this service goes well beyond only using the technology for upper management and corporate offices. Top retailers are using video conferencing solutions to drive sales and revenues, improve their external and internal communications, increase the efficiencies of their operations, manage inventories at all stores in real-time, and enhance customer loyalty and service levels.

To learn more about customizable video, web, and audio conferencing solutions for your retail business and the benefits it can provide, call Resolve Collaboration Services today at 1-888-777-7965. Our friendly teams of experts are here to help you in developing effective solutions to address your collaborative and communication needs to make your retail business and employees more productive!