Rogers major outage: How to prevent messing up your webinar?

Rogers Outage - How to prevent messing up your webinar

Could you imagine a modern world without access to major communication systems? What would happen if suddenly the major telephone and internet communication networks were disrupted?

Last July 8, millions of Canadian citizens experienced an unprecedented event, which the world has dubbed the “Rogers major outage“.

This event not only affected telephone lines and Internet access. With the systemic failure of the main networks of this communications giant, countless legal processes, thousands of banking transactions, hundreds of technological events and even the Emergency System hotline were also compromised.

Although it was not the first of its kind, this interruption, which lasted approximately 16 hours, caused great havoc and, as was to be expected, the discontent of all those affected.

Explanation of Roger's interruption

There has been much speculation about the causes of Rogers’ major outage on July 8. From breakdowns in the company’s systems or the vulnerability of the private systems of the telecommunications servers, it has been suggested that the cause could be a cyber-attack.

After the chaos generated by the failure, the company’s director Tony Staffieri declared that the cause of the problem was simply the result of a poorly executed update inside its central servers. This put an end to speculation and provided a concise explanation to the media and the general public about what had happened.

However, as was to be expected, since these resources are essential for the Canadian citizens’ rhythm of life, even before the failure was resolved, there were already demands for solutions in case something like this happened again.

Cyber Attack at Rogers

Consequences of the Rogers major outage

The Rogers major outage highlighted the fragility of today’s telecommunications networks and, as a consequence, the need to create mitigation plans. After all, this would be the second time something like this has happened in just under 14 months, which has set off alarm bells and raised the troubling question in all of us: What will we do if it happens again?

These mitigation plans should provide the general public with an answer, and of course minimize the effects of possible future outages, as Minister Francois-Phillippe Champagne told the media when the outage was still ongoing.

Knowing that these misfortunes may take place in the future, even if the Government or the Rogers company offer immediate solutions that allow at least part of the processes to be developed with emergency servers, what can we do?

How to reduce the impact on daily life in case it happens again?

Webinar and event postpone

The concern is latent. Rogers’ major outage has also shown that human interactions, as we know them today, depend heavily on telecommunications systems.

While it is true that everyday life can function smoothly even when we are not connected to the Internet, there are other areas in which the consequences of an event like this could destabilize many normal processes with very little effort.

Based on the above, it is evident that one of the most affected sectors is the labor sector.

Nowadays, work inside or outside the office depends almost entirely on intercom systems hosted in the cloud. Lacking the basic means to access this system, it is natural that many scheduled events, meetings and videoconferences would have to be postponed. This would result in the slowing down of the normal workflow, loss of time and in the worst case, a mismatch in financial issues that no one saw coming.

At a time when the price of gasoline is on the rise and with it, many goods and services that in the past were more affordable, destabilizing regular work is a luxury we cannot afford.

So, what solutions can we offer in this scenario?

At Resolve Collaboration Services we have some alternatives that could help you and your company.

Webinars as an alternative in work environments

While it is true that events like this cannot be foreseen, you can prepare a series of alternatives that will allow you to significantly mitigate the impact of problems such as those caused by the Rogers major outage.

While it is true that the first transmission of a webinar is usually developed live, there is a solution so that your virtual event is not damaged, in cases like this. How is this possible? Well, the most effective way to transmit the information without affecting it is through pre-recorded webinars.

A pre-recorded webinar will give you the possibility to transmit relevant content of general interest, both to small work groups and to all the members of your company, in case you are the representative.

Pre-recorded webinars will allow your workers to stay productive, even when the outlook looks bleak.

Our professional video tools will allow you to acquire together with our service, high definition videos, reliability and of course, the commitment of our professionals.

For this purpose, we have our flagship tool, capable of providing you with the best pre-recorded content services in Canada.

We are of course talking about our Resolve Virtual Recording Studio.

How does the virtual recording studio work?

Our recording studio service has all the tools you and your company need to take your company’s small and large events to another level.

A pre-recorded webinar with us will give you the absolute guarantee that your collaborators will receive the information efficiently, at the right time and without the risk of breakdowns caused by technological failures such as the recent Rogers outage.

Even if the event were of a hybrid nature, those virtual attendees who could not show up because of these failures would have access to the same content as your face-to-face attendees. As simple as hosting the video on the platform of your choice, to send it to them afterwards, via email.

With this pre-recorded webinar model, we offer you a cost-effective solution, multiple takes to make sure we capture the essence of what you want to convey and best of all, you don’t need any technical skills. Our team will take care of everything.

Prevent situations like Rogers’ major outage from stopping you and your company’s productivity, and with the help of our services, stay ahead of any eventuality.

Schedule an appointment with our experts, or call 888 777 7965.

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