Seven simple Strategies to boost your webinar interactivity

Seven simple Strategies you can use to boost your webinar interactivity

Do you want to improve the engagement and interactivity of your webinar? Then the following practical and simple, but creative tips & tricks will help you achieve your goal. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science, plus we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll share some valuable but straightforward strategies that can help boost the interactivity factor of your webinars. Implementing them will help you engage your audience and ensure that your webinar is as impactful as possible.

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Boost Your Webinar Interactivity

1. Ask Relevant Questions throughout the Webinar

You must understand that your attendees don’t want to be lectured non-stop. It is important to check in with them from time to time. So, asking relevant questions throughout the webinar is a great way to keep your audience engaged. It’ll make the attendees attentive towards the proceedings. You can use the first names of attendees while asking the question. Asking occasional and relevant questions can make your webinar a two-way conversation between you and your audience. You’ll have to opportunity to give them the chance to clarify things they don’t understand.

Some of the ideas related to questions in the webinar are as follows:

  • You can ask, “Is everything clear, or do you need a more detailed explanation” after each 5-10 minutes of the webinar.
  • You can choose the attendees randomly and ask them, “where are you attending this webinar from?” or “how’s your experience with us?”.

Boost your webinar Interactivity

2. Keep Live Chat Turned On

If you’re looking for a more responsive and direct medium to boost the interactivity of your webinar, you can opt for the Live Chat feature. By keeping the Live Chat function turned on, you can allow your attendees to interact with you and their fellow attendees simultaneously. Live Chat not only makes the webinar an engaging experience for your audience but is also helpful in establishing a sense of community. Everyone wants to discuss the critical points of an online event with fellow attendees, but it is not possible when the presentation is ongoing. Live Chat offers ample opportunity to discuss the webinar’s content and exchange their views on it. Once your audience has started a live chat on a topic related to the webinar, you can rest assured that your content is interesting and engaging for them.

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3. Conduct a Survey or a Poll

Webinar Survey and Poll

Another great way to make your webinars more interactive for the audience is to conduct a survey or a poll. Creating a poll or survey is very easy if you are using a professional Webinar Platform. You simply need to think of the questions to ask your audience to keep them engaged. It might take some time, effort, and preparation from you, but believe us, it’ll be worth it!

While creating the survey, make sure that it consists of just a few easy questions. Your surveys don’t need to be lengthy as most audience members prefer to respond to the shorter ones. Think of 3-4 questions that can help you get the desired information from your attendees, such as:

  • You can ask for attendees’ information like their likes or dislikes, career goals, and challenges.
  • You can ask attendees to give their point of view on the webinar performance in the form of ratings from 1 to 10.

Event Quote Estimator

4. Conduct a Quiz related to Webinar Content


If your attendees know that you’re going to conduct a Quiz in the middle or at the end of the webinar, they will listen to the presentation with full concentration. It’s a perfect way to engage your audience. By conducting a simple quiz, you can make them feel that they are the focal point of this webinar. Keep the quiz short and simple because most people don’t like being tested during online events. To ensure a high rate of response from your attendees, you can follow these helpful tips:

  • Always keep your quiz optional. If any of your attendees don’t feel comfortable participating in the quiz, don’t force them to.
  • We recommend telling your audience about the quiz at the start of the webinar for the sake of preparing them.
  • Don’t forget to offer surprise prizes to the winner attendees. It’ll develop the zeal and enthusiasm among others to participate in the next quiz.

5. Send Display Messages

Another simple way to boost the interactivity of your webinar is to send display messages in the live forum before the starting of proceedings. You can inform the attendees about the time of the webinar through these messages and ensure them that you’re looking forward to speaking with them.

6. Make a Call-to-Action

webinar is incomplete without a call-to-action because it can provide you with useful data about your webinar and can assist in creating or improving your upcoming ones. It could also provide the next steps or further resources for the attendees. Consider adding a post-webinar survey to get feedback and link them to your website for resources and/or to subscribe to your mailing list. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going long after the webinar has ended.

7. Hire a Professional Webinar Services Provider

If you don’t happen to have access to a professional webcast platform to support some of the features mentioned in this article, or maybe you need assistance with implementing, testing, and the live operation of these features, Resolve is here to help, we can manage your event on any platform you want, or you can use ours.

If you don’t happen to have the time or resources to plan and test all the elements of your webinar to ensure 100% success, Resolve is here to help, we offer fully managed event production services to guide you, your presenters, and your audience every step of the way.

At Resolve, we have been producing digital events for over 17 years. Our webcasting platform is owned, operated, and developed by us, and has become the most robust and feature-rich enterprise-level platform available today.

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