Show Rehearsal

The Show Rehearsal will help iron out any kinks in timing and make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your virtual event!

Show Rehearsal​

The Show Rehearsal will help iron out any kinks in timing and make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your virtual event!

Give That extra push for your virtual event

A Show Rehearsal is run in real-time, with all elements of the production, with only essential stops in cases where adjustments need to be made.

This is the last chance to solve problems. It is essential that presenters are prepared to deliver their full remarks with all slide cues, video rolls, and other elements.

Show Rehearsal - Conference taking place in a boardroom with multiple people with a camera pointing at them

Real-Time Rehearsal

The Show Rehearsal is a great idea when you have new or inexperienced speakers giving a presentation.

  • If they haven’t presented in a while (or ever)
  • If they’ve never presented to this particular audience or on this type of platform


A Show Rehearsal can make the difference between success and failure.

The point is to prepare for all aspects of the environment, so nothing trips up their presentation.

A trusted solution for you Virtual, hybrid or physical event

The Show Rehearsal is run from beginning to end with all elements in place.

Speakers will hand off to each other or to the moderator just as they would during the live event.

The goal is to run the entire production without pausing.

The Producer may choose to pause the Show Rehearsal to address significant issues that must be resolved before proceeding.

For any minor issues or improvements, the Producer will take notes and review them after the full run-through has been completed.

Anyone can be a great presenter

Your presenters should come prepared to deliver their full presentation.

They should plan to do this will all the same elements they will use at the actual event.

This includes;

  • Using the same computer, webcam, microphone, and headset
  • From the same physical location
  • Using the same Internet connection
  • Using the same network connection type (WiFi or Wired)


Changing any of these at the last minute can lead to unexpected problems.

Tech Rehearsal for Virtual Events

Essential Staff

Resolve Collaboration

Production Coordinator

Lead Producer

Assistant Producer

Resolve Operator(s)

Product Enhancement Services (Captioning, Translation, TelePrompting, Etc.)


Requester / Moderator

Support Staff

Standard and V.I.P. Speakers

I.T. Support

The agenda for the Show Rehearsal will be tailored to the specific event details but in general, will follow our standard format.


The Producer will review the Show Rehearsal plan and how the show will be cued to start.


The Producer will conduct connectivity checking, sound checking, video framing and other elements of each presenter.


The Producer will cue the production to begin as it will the day of the show.


The entire show is run from beginning to end


After the entire show has run, the Producer will review any areas for improvement or any causes of concern.


Your Production team will answer any outstanding questions or issues.

Show Rehearsal Completed

With a Show Rehearsal completed you can ensure that on the day of your show all items will run smoothly.

For highly complex or high-profile events you may wish to consider adding one or more Show Rehearsals to give the presentation team the ability to practice and perfect their delivery.

Technical Show Rehearsal completed