Saraj Bellon

Sajel Bellon

Behavioural Science Professor, Psychotherapist

You already have everything you need to navigate life’s challenges and overcome obstacles. You’ve proven that! Life isn’t easy. Having been in the trenches, made big decisions, influenced and impacted people’s lives. You will continue to have to endure immense pressure and stress. So, it is vital that you learn how to enhance your performance and boost your well-being, by leveraging that stress.

Sajel Bellon is a Behavioural Science Professor, Psychotherapist, and the Founder of Mind Armour & SOS Psychotherapy. She is driven to “un-stigmatize” the suicidal mind, while building beyond resiliency to post-traumatic growth.

Bellon is a pioneer in linking the ‘family’ to the minimization and prevention of occupational stress injuries and loss of life to suicide, based on her own first-hand experience as a spouse and family member to the Emergency Service sector. Emphasizing psychological safety and connection as key pillars, Bellon helps organizations enhance their mental wellness promotion, trauma prevention and recovery processes.

Bellon has delivered talks to Harvard Business School, Berkeley School of Engineering, Central Queensland University, and the RCMP and more. She is a Registered Psychotherapist, a recognized member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals, and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.


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