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NEW Security Feature Added to Audioconferencing

At RESOLVE Collaboration, your privacy and security is one of our highest priorities. We continually stay on top of vulnerabilities and foreseen security concerns with all of our conferencing solutions. This is why we are adding an extra layer of security that will now require audio conferencing moderators to add an extra step when dialing into audio conferences. This feature took effect on September 14th, 2015. But, don’t worry – it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1 FIRST, enter the participant code (aka conference ID)
2  THEN hit the # key
3 NOW enter the moderator code

Why did we do this?
It basically comes down to your security. There are many methods of phone hacking these days. The most common relies upon a ‘war dialer,’ a computerized system that dials telephone numbers in sequence, searching for a response from an automated attendant. When it finds one, it calls that number again and again, systematically generating dtmf tones until it guesses a password and gains access to the system.

Phone hackers can easily attempt to access one 7-digit code using numbers 0 through 9. Trying every combination based on this algorithm doesn’t require that much effort for a computerized system and there could potentially be exposure for security vulnerability.

But, now that we’ve incorporated two 7-digit numbers interrupted by the # sign. This makes it that much harder and more complex for hackers to connect to the system. Take a look at the example below:

1 0000000 (moderator code) > Enter the conference

1 0000000 (participant code / conference ID)
2 # (number sign)
3 0000000 (moderator code) Enter the conference