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The Fact Remains; There are popular misconceptions about cloud-hosted video

There are popular misconceptions about cloud-hosted video

The FAQs generated by a videoconference call with an Ontario University. The one-hour session has been transcribed so we can review some of the more prominent questions or inquiries that ultimately drive a decision to go with a videoconferencing solution, such as ‘Enterprise Video for Education’. While looking at the Enterprise Video (for Education) product, a few interesting and relevant questions streamed in from some of the technical staff of the university.

So, while the misconceptions of cloud hosted videoconferencing solutions are still validated. The security and reliability that RESOLVE puts forth in our infrastructure and forward-thinking technological solutions provide a strong foundation for the current concerns and future needs and client demands of videoconferencing services hosted in the cloud.

When looking at a cloud-hosted videoconferencing service, there are a couple of things that one needs to look at or ask questions about. Here’s some to get you thinking…We’re not just patting our own backs here but providing you with the tools and inquiries needed to make a sound decision. I guess that’s why we hold true to the fact that we’re not your typical IT department.

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