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Applications for a Video Culture in Education

The applications for video technology continue to evolve as students and educators expand new ways of learning, interacting, and instructing.

When a lecture is captured with video, students are no longer limited to in-class experiences. They can view recorded lessons anytime, anywhere from the convenience of their laptop or mobile device. 

Video Collaboration is not just about using video conferencing in the classroom, it’s about creating a collaborative learning environment where it’s possible to integrate and work with students using multiple tools and technologies. From interactive whiteboards to laptops and mobile devices, it’s about creating a learning atmosphere that is up to date, engaging, and effective.


Collaborative Education Applications:

• Administrative meetings
• Increased productivity
• Inter-campus communications
• External relations such as alumni reach
• Interviewing and recruitment
• Team projects

Academic Offerings
• Campus extensions
• Degree/non-degree programs
• Advanced placement and dual enrollment
• Curriculum enhancement
• Virtual field trips: content providers and subject matter expertise

Collaborative Learning
• Global studies
• Thesis reviews
• Tutoring
• Cross campus collaboration
• MBA mobility
• Lecture capture
• Cultural exchanges
• Professional development
• Continuing education
• Student projects

Extending Reach
• Cross functional communications
• Enhanced research projects
• Student services
• Parent and community communications
• Project coordination

Having access to the right technology alone is not enough, educators and students alike need to learn how to use it. It is vital that technologies are fully integrated into teaching methodologies and learning environments, both physical and virtual, to unleash their true value for education.