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Webcast vs. Webinar

The terms webcast and webinar are often confused, and even used interchangeably. Here’s a quick breakdown of these two types of web events.





A webcast is typically a one-way flow of information, broadcast over the internet to a large audience. The information contributes much to the content of the webcast, which might include an audio stream, presentation slides, or videos.

It has the capacity for handling a large number of viewers. With the connection support and the ability to work with a variety of operating systems, browsers and devices.

Webcasts can be used to extend the reach of traditional live events to virtual attendees as well.

A webinar can be described as an online interactive meeting or seminar. The content will likely be (but not limited to) educational, training-based, online demonstrations and meetings.

The audience is typically smaller than that of a webcast and often contributes to the discussion via chat, polling, screen sharing or other collaborative means.


Webcasts are designed for larger groups of several hundred upwards to thousands of people.

Webinars are designed for smaller groups up to a couple hundred of people.


Our webcasts offer enhanced pre, live and post event features including: participant registration pages, user analytics, Twitter integration, customized landing pages and more.

Our webinars offer a multitude of in-meeting collaborative features including: PowerPoint presentations, desktop/screen sharing, polls, chat boxes, whiteboards, annotating documents and more.

 In a nutshell,

Webcasts are the optimal solution for hosting a large-scale, live event. Our webcasts offer you a seamless, hybrid approach to both virtual and live attendees ensuring audience participation and engagement regardless of where your viewers are.  

Webinars offer a great alternative to a live event: Don’t have the budget to host a live event for your audience? Not to worry, just host a webinar and conduct it in real-time or pre-record for on-demand viewing.

To discuss your specific needs in detail and determine which type of online event is right for you – schedule a free consultation and demo with one of our account managers today!