Technical Rehearsal

One of the most crucial part of the process when planning a virtual event.

Technical Rehearsal​

One of the most crucial part of the process when planning a virtual event.

When you choose Resolve Collaboration as your virtual event partner

We apply our best practices to ensure a successful production. Every event includes a Tech Rehearsal. 

A Tech Rehearsal is an important element of the process. It is used to iron out the fine details before you go live in front of your audience.

Tech Rehearsal for Virtual Events

One Week Before The Event Day

This rehearsal is for the benefit of the client and our technical operators. Its object is for the operators to try out the process and for the client to confirm that all the production elements are satisfactory.

The event is run from one essential cue to the next and only runs cues. This rehearsal is an opportunity for technicians to integrate various technical elements into the production.

Speakers (or stand-ins) are essential to this process, and they should be prepared to jump from cue to cue as required, and as often as is necessary.

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It is the task of your Producer to harmonize the presenters with the technology and any other visual effects that may be necessary to the satisfaction of the client.

This often leads to unforeseen complications which require changes in the show flow.

Essential Staff

Resolve Collaboration

Production Coordinator

Lead Producer

Assistant Producer

Resolve Operator(s)


Requester / Moderator

Support Staff

Standard and V.I.P. Speakers

I.T. Support

The agenda for the Technical Rehearsal will be tailored to the specific event details but in general, will follow our standard format.


The Producer will explain the technical elements of the event to the client, presenters, and support staff.


The Producer will conduct connectivity checking, sound checking, video framing and other elements of each presenter.


The Production team will step through each technical transition or element.


The Producer will review best practices


The Producer will review what to expect on the day of the event.


Your Production team will answer any outstanding questions or issues.

Technical Rehearsal Completed

With a Tech Rehearsal completed you can ensure that on the day of your show all tech items will run smoothly.

For more complex or highly scripted events you may want to consider adding a Show Rehearsal to your production.

A Show Rehearsal gives the presenters a chance to give their full presentation and hit their marks one last time before going live.

You can read more about the process in the Show Rehearsal briefing document.

Technical Show Rehearsal completed

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