Today, videoconferencing has become the preferred means of communication for many organizations, thanks to its ease of use. In addition, both employees and companies have been forced to acquire professional videoconferencing equipment since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the migration to a remote working mode.  However, the wide variety of cameras, cables, video systems, headsets, microphones and other products can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the technology, but don’t worry! Choosing the right equipment for your needs will be a piece of cake with these recommendations. So, if you’re on the lookout for accessories and devices for your video conferencing, then stay here! As Resolve Collaboration Services, specialists in virtual event production and transmission technologies from Toronto, we present you the best video conferencing equipment for everyone. Don’t miss this great informative opportunity! Let’s get started!

1. Videoconferencing equipment (video)

Thanks to advances in technology, the resolution of on-screen video has improved considerably. The new generations of videoconferencing cameras now allow transmission in HD and with the highest quality available on the market. Let’s review, then, some options that may interest you:

Poly Studio X50

Poly’s professional camera will allow you to make video conferences with UltraHD 4K quality up to 60FPS. This amazing all-in-one video bar does not require a computer and is Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified. It also includes a touch controller with 3 MEMS microphones and stereo speakers. To top it off, this bar is compatible with cloud service providers, through the Poly App mode, with USB device mode, via Bluetooth 5.0 or with native third-party applications. Still not convinced? With Poly Studio you can achieve up to 5x digital zoom and automatic framing of people. Poly’s video conferencing hardware is certainly powerful!

Poly Studio P5

If you are looking for a more affordable and less advanced alternative, Poly’s P5 webcam is your solution. This professional-grade camera will allow you to broadcast video conferences with great color, clarity and sharpness. In addition, it works with any video application (Zoom, Google, Teams, etc.). It also includes a unidirectional microphone, a privacy shutter and a 2.0 port USB cable. The specifications of this camera are sufficient to achieve up to 1080p resolution, with an 80° field of view and low light compensation. 

2. Video conferencing equipment (audio)

Audio is a fundamental component in any videoconference, because without it, good communication could not be achieved. For this reason, the devices you get must guarantee the best quality for your video calls, either to listen or to broadcast your voice. Let’s take a look at some products that are ideal for this purpose:

Blackwire 8225 USB

The fabulous Plantronics branded headset with included microphone gives you exceptional audio performance, even in the noisiest environments. Blackwire 8225 will keep you free from distractions on both sides of the call. It is also compatible with a variety of applications, from Zoom, Google Meets, Teams and many more. The Plantronics headset also features SoundGuard DIGITAL technology and active noise cancellation. They can be connected to any computer via their USB ports and provide a frequency of up to 20 kHz. The cable length is 2.2 m so you can go anywhere, while listening to your video conferences.

EncorePro 510 + DA80 Adapter

This fantastic set from Plantronics is ideal for employees who make intensive use of calls and video conferencing. It is also perfect for customer service organizations. The audio quality of this set is undeniable, thanks to its DA80 audio processor.  This device is comfortable and reliable, and can also be used as a telephone. As for its specifications, it has USB inputs, mono audio, can be connected to any computer and has an adjustable arm. To top it off, this adapter set provides optimal noise cancellation performance and its cable is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

3. Accessories for a video conferencing system

Beyond cameras, microphones and speakers to achieve the best videoconferencing, you need to get other accessories, so that you can provide the best multimedia quality to capture an audience. This way, you will be able to provide the best multimedia quality to capture your audience. Let’s review then some indispensable accessories that must be included in a videoconferencing equipment!
  • Poly Bluetooth Remote Control: remote control with Bluetooth technology and 2 AAA batteries for Poly cameras and devices.
  • Poly TC8 Touch Controller: touch controller to organize video conferences with Poly devices. It features an 8-inch high-definition touch screen and wired connectivity technology. Its intuitive interface will help you to have video conferencing solutions in the palm of your hand. In addition, it includes a stand.  
  • Charging Cradle Savi 8200 Series: excellent base charger from Poly, for SAVI multimedia devices and other models.  

Find the right videoconferencing equipment for you at Resolve Collaboration Services

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