Video Etiquette Part 2

Simple Etiquette Tips for Better Video Conferencing
Part 2: Test It First

Next, you’ll want to make sure the volume is set to the right level, so that when you connect to the far end or conference bridge, your voice(s) are clearly audible and you can hear the far end. With a personal device, this means testing the microphone you’ll be using–whether one connected to a headset, built in to your PC or tablet, or through a secondary dial-in on your phone.

If you are in a conference room, remember that those who were in the conference room before you may have lowered or raised the volume for their far-end participants, or may have even set the near side to “Mute.” As a rule of thumb, a volume set at its mid-level or slightly higher than mid-level should enable you to clearly hear and be heard.

Have your content ready
If you are going to be sharing content, make sure you have your slides or documents ready to share. The “can you see my content yet?” question is the new “can you hear me now?” and it’s frustrating! Be prepared and you can save you and your colleagues from time lost and irritation.

Remember, though, when you share content, to be conscious of what you are sharing: most content sharing modes will let you choose between sharing a specific document, an application, or your entire desktop. Choose wisely!

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