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Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has been largely controlled, video management and solutions have become key tools for hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses across the country. 

It has been proven that video management and video solutions are a couple of fundamental sections for the internal processes of these companies. Annual meetings are no longer a headache, training processes can be done remotely and even corporate events are just some of the countless benefits that can be gained.  

From being just an alternative to traditional broadcast media, video solutions have become practically a requirement in terms of growth and evolution

Given their importance, understanding the functioning and significance of these new modes of communication is critical to success. Therefore, please pay attention to the following information we have prepared for you.


1. Access through multiple devices

The biggest limitation of regular format events is undoubtedly the reach factor. This “problem” should be eliminated the moment we switch from traditional to hybrid or virtual

However, you should consider that just as when consuming any other type of content over the Internet, users do so from different locations and through different devices, browsers and operating systems. 

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the video solution provider to enable what is called adaptive data usage. In this way, users will have access to content independently, in different qualities and formats, but preserving a full broadcast signal to all of them. 


Diversity of content

Based on the above, it would not make sense to stream content to so many devices if there were not a diversity of formats for sharing the information. Of course, this is all in the hands of your video solution provider

For this reason you should make sure that the video management company you choose has all the necessary updates, so that your events are a success and your investment is not compromised. 


The role of eCDNs

eCDNs are also an important part of the video solutions that your provider can offer you. It is that tool that will allow the video in question to flow smoothly and the quality to be maintained until the moment it reaches the end user.


2. Safe encounters for all participants

Providing secure events not only benefits the users who access the content you want to broadcast. As part of your video solutions, you should know that ensuring security during your broadcasts will also create a reputation and an image of trustworthiness that will be impossible to erase. 

Although virtual events do not require a physical space, they still need a secure environment to host speakers and set up electronic equipment. Security is especially important when hosting virtual events online, as hackers are the order of the day and poor security could jeopardize the running of your event. 

With good video management equipment, all participants will be in a professional and safe space. 


3. Subsequent analysis of the results

You will know that your video solution provider is the ideal one when, in addition to offering post-stream analysis, it is also able to provide you with timely data during the event. 

This way you will have access to users’ interactions and opinions in real time, thus enhancing a more efficient and productive type of communication for all involved.


4. Personalized assistance

Last but not least, it is necessary to emphasize that video management services offer maintenance and support before, during and after the end of the transmission. 

This way you don’t have to worry about equipment or system problems, because in the event that a problem should arise, you don’t have to worry about it. It would be enough to put in your hands the rest of the work and you continue with your regular process. 


How to get the most out of a video management provider?

Video management is one of the main and most important video solutions available today. 

Video management is a fully scalable solution for planning, organizing and executing virtual events over the Internet. A video management company is therefore dedicated to managing all the activities that revolve around the development of this type of event, such is the case of Resolve Collaboration Services

The main advantage of having a video management provider is that you can develop your virtual events with total peace of mind, while we take care of everything else. By this we mean all those tasks that involve registrations, training, production, live support, etc. 

So if you are looking for the best video solution provider, now is the time to contact us through our contact means. Contact a member of our team at 888 777 7965 or info@resolvecollaboration.com.


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