How does a videoconferencing infrastructure work?

videoconferencing infrastructure

For the videoconferencing infrastructure to work properly, a number of parameters must be established and followed. Although they have been used regularly, videoconferencing and teleconferencing have become indispensable in the wake of the new normal.

Although its use predominates in the executive area of various institutions and companies, it is not exclusive. Nowadays, a videoconferencing service can be used from general management to production areas.

Videoconferencing transmission has become an enterprise-wide tool, capable of connecting every small area of work branch.

In order to know in depth, the fundamental elements of this communicative model, the following are the main considerations.

What is videoconferencing infrastructure?

The videoconferencing infrastructure is composed of a complex system of networks that allow the exchange of information in real time. Not limited to this mechanism, it also allows the sharing of information, multimedia content, audio and video files while interacting with other participants.

In the past there was more than one method of video conferencing, such as video conferencing over ISDN. Although some companies still use them for data support or backup, they have mostly been replaced by videoconferencing over IP networks.

Videoconferencing infrastructure components

In order to meet the requirements of the videoconferencing infrastructure, it is necessary to take into account its components. In a superficial way we could say that in order to work properly it needs a Multipoint Control Unit. In addition, a videoconferencing infrastructure equipment and an Internet connection.

A more detailed description is given below.

Multipoint control unit or MCU

Multipoint control unit or MCU

It is the element that allows the establishment of a connection network from different terminals. To be considered successful, the MCU must fulfill at least two essential functions.

Firstly, it plays the role of controller and distributor of the data flow and secondly that of a decoder. Both functions are performed simultaneously from the starting point to each point of the videoconference.

Videoconferencing infrastructure equipment

A videoconferencing program is generally made up of a series of values and elements that are fundamental. Among them we can mention videoconferencing platforms, video conferencing software and other complementary tools.

Complementary equipment may have specific characteristics depending on the number of participants in the meeting room. Mandatory equipment will include computers, webcams, microphones, among others. These tools can be very useful, especially in small rooms with three or four participants.

However, regular instruments can be flawed, which in the long run will not allow us to follow up each attendee in a specialized way.

There are currently tools on the market, such as those found in our online store, that have been designed primarily for this purpose. For this reason, videoconferencing hardware is becoming more and more dynamic, precise and professional.

Although videoconferencing equipment was originally designed for small groups, little by little it has been modernized. We can find equipment that uses Artificial Intelligence to isolate ambient noise. Also cameras capable of focusing only on the participant who has the floor, and above all provide a quality image. All these features can be found in equipment such as the Poly Studio X70 – 4K Dual Cameras With TC8. You can purchase it in pre-sale by clicking here.

Video conferencing service providers

At Resolve Collaboration we are a video conferencing provider in Ontario. We have the highest quality professional services that will allow you to provide your audience with the best in video conferencing hardware and software. Remember that the most important thing is to maintain an exceptional user experience, bridging the physical distances between participants.

Bandwidth characteristics

One detail we have not talked about so far is bandwidth. The benefits of having an excellent internet provider are indispensable for the proper functioning of the videoconferencing infrastructure.

The audio and image capabilities of videoconferencing systems in the past used to work on the basis of limited internet speed. If we look at it in perspective, it is probably less common to have a deficient system, especially knowing that it is indispensable.

Most systems work with a minimum load of 5Mbps. In case your internet does not meet the minimum requirement, you should consider modifying it. There is no point in hiring a group of high quality videoconferencing service providers if you have inadequate bandwidth.

Using adequate bandwidth will give you high quality image, video and audio. In addition to avoiding audio and video lag, it will give your meeting professionalism and visual appeal.

If you are about to get started in the world of videoconferencing, don’t forget to read about the 5 Mistakes Not to Make in Your Next Digital Event.

Staff training

Staff training

One of the most important things about videoconferencing infrastructure, and one that is not talked about as much as it should be, is staff training. Even if the equipment is managed by the company’s management, it is essential that workers know how to use the equipment.

Emergencies can occur. If you are chairing meetings and for some reason are delayed or unable to attend, the meeting may be cancelled. Training your staff is as critical as acquiring good videoconferencing equipment.

The best videoconferencing infrastructure only at Resolve Collaboration

The advantages of videoconferencing are multiple, even more when it meets the requirements of each process. If you are looking for the support of a videoconferencing provider, do not hesitate to contact us.

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