Virtual conference guide 2022 best tools and practices

Virtual conferences are now one of the main methods of meeting other individuals in the modern world. We know that nothing replaces person-to-person meetings, but the modernization of certain technologies has contributed to a significant improvement in the user experience through digital platforms. Digital events  are increasingly immersive, dynamic and interactive. So much so that today they are an irreplaceable part of the strategies implemented by thousands of brands, businesses and companies, in order to stay in touch with their target audience.  

Why is it convenient to hold a virtual conference?

As a meeting point that does not have a mandatory point of attendance, you offer unlimited outreach to anywhere in the world. This significantly increases the reach of your event, provided your outreach is well executed. Whether you are hosting an online training seminar or an annual sales meeting, it is important to consider the best ways to use technology to optimize your virtual conference experience. With the right tools, you can easily create an interactive and quality virtual event where the spatial gap is significantly reduced. These tips can help you make the most of your time and your audience’s time as well. Use the tips below to organize more efficient virtual events that maximize your time and that of your audiences.  

Organize your event in advance

As the title states, in order to develop a virtual conference, there are two elements that come together to create a successful event: quality tools and good practices. This is why the planning process is not only one of the initial steps, but also one of the most important. After all, what is a virtual conference without good planning?  

How do you plan a virtual conference?

In your planning process you should include the same elements that would be part of a face-to-face conference, with the difference that you will have to adapt each strategy, depending on the digital tools you have at your disposal. In the virtual conference planning process, it is essential that you establish and determine the following parameters:
  1. You must establish the purpose, goal and objective of your virtual conference
  2. Select a date on the calendar that is suitable for the speaker and their target audience.
  3. You need to choose an eye-catching and relevant topic, according to the interests of your target audience.
  4. In addition, you should choose a suitable speaker according to the conference theme.
  5. Specify the audience interaction activities.
  6. And finally, determine the means of promoting the event.
  Read our article Virtual conference: 6 tips and tricks you need to know and get more tips for a successful virtual event.  

Pay attention to the interests of your audiences

In order to define not only an eye-catching theme, but also to structure an attractive event as a whole, it is essential that you pay attention to the interests of your audiences. But in order to do so, you must also define the nature of your event and what activities you will develop within it. Will your content be educational, is it intended to sell or promote a product, what are the trending topics related to your company or brand?  

How to obtain information from your audiences for the virtual conference?

A practical way to obtain the information that interests your audiences is by means of interaction through social media. Creating a survey can be an effective method! If, on the other hand, the event is purely corporate, ask your employees in particular what their current questions and concerns are. We are sure that you will be able to obtain a good amount of information for your virtual conference from the answers you get. If you don’t try to have a catchy topic, you will only get a low number of participants and during the event, little interaction.  

Choose a platform for virtual events

The success or failure of your event could depend largely on the platform you decide to use. What should you look for in a virtual event platform? To enjoy all the benefits that this modality offers, you should choose a platform that offers real-time interactions, live polls, personalized follow-up of the participants during the event and also at the end.  

Virtual conferences: what are the components of an ideal equipment?

Another of the fundamental elements of virtual conferences is the choice of a suitable audio and video device. Poly offers different models of equipment that can help you develop an ideal event. If you plan to make these experiences a regular occurrence, it is best to opt for professional equipment for office use. The following are two incredible recommendations.  

Poly Studio X50 Videobar

This audio and video equipment will allow you to provide your viewers with a high definition image, perfectly compatible with programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToRoom, RingCentral Starleaf, BlueJeans and more. It has an incredible sound and will also isolate outside noise, to be heard clearly and accurately. Learn more about all its features by clicking here.  

Poly Studio X70 Videobar with TC8

The most recent release is the Poly Studio X70 Videobar. It is the next level in specialized equipment for virtual meetings. Its high definition camera will allow you to get a realistic definition, thanks to its integrated 4K sensors. It is compatible with various virtual event platforms and has a discreet and elegant style.  

Run your virtual conference with Resolve Collaboration

When organizing a virtual conference, it’s important to remember that you depend on technology to make it successful. As with any live event, the right technology is essential for this purpose. Whether you use webcams or phone calls, the right virtual conferencing software can increase attendance and help you achieve your goals. The best way to achieve successful virtual conferences is through the professional support of a company like ours. Our virtual conferencing service offers high definition video, advanced equipment, secure and highly trained bilingual staff. In addition, our platform is customizable. Add your logo or distinctive characters. At the end, you will also get a detailed report with the results of your virtual event. Contact Resolve Collaboration and request information about each of our services. Call (888) 777-7965, email or visit our facilities. Finally, don’t forget to explore our blog. We are Resolve Collaboration Services, your best choice in virtual and hybrid events.


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