Virtual event planning guide: 5 sure-fire tips

Virtual event planning guide - 5 Sure-fire tips

Relying on a virtual event planning guide can make the difference between the success or failure of a meeting through digital media.  

The popularization of virtual events, born of the practicality -and also need- to rely on a remote team to develop activities that are by nature face-to-face. Activities that mostly require the participation of workers and executive staff, which, for one reason or another, cannot coincide in the same physical space. 

From organization to implementation: a guide to virtual event planning

More and more companies are including virtual event equipment as part of their development strategies.

When we talk about equipment for virtual events, we are not only talking about acquiring hardware and software for the company. It also implies maintaining a work group trained in the handling of all its functions and tools.  

Ideally, all your staff should be trained to know the basics of how it works. In case of unforeseen events, it is always essential that there is another member of the group who knows the same information as the virtual event manager. This will reduce the number of misfortunes and the activities can be carried out normally in case the organizer is absent.  

Perhaps you have not yet integrated activities of this nature in your company and you are wondering right now: How to organize a virtual event successfully and without worries?  While there are no magic formulas to answer that question, with the help of our tips, you can minimize the risk of failure and increase the chance of success.

Here are five tips to help you achieve this.

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Acquire specialized hardware tools

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Specialized tools are extremely important if you are looking for a successful virtual meeting. To find out which tool best suits your needs, you should check the features that each one has. Based on that, determine whether your requirements can be met and thus choose the right equipment.  

In our online store you can find a wide range of Poly products, designed to provide you with the best accessories for Hybrid Events or Virtual Events Poly tools can be used for events ranging from webinars, virtual meetings, conferences, webcasts or social media streaming, to annual events such as a Virtual AGM, a Hybrid AGM or a virtual networking event. 

Coming soon to Resolve Collaboration is the incredible Poly Studio X70 – 4K Dual Cameras With TC8. This is a dual camera tool, equipped with an AI that gives you the ability to custom track each of your participants. 

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Get a platform that meets your needs and requirements

There are several virtual event platforms that, depending on their characteristics, can meet your requirements. The organization of online events must allow an integral and timely development of each of the activities that have been established in the agenda. For this, it is necessary to use a specialized resource. 

Currently there are multiple platforms to choose from.  

A well-executed virtual event management will allow you to obtain the maximum benefits from the program you decide to use. Some of the aspects you should consider when choosing it are:  

  • Ability to solve problems related to logistics 
  • Messaging, participant registration and monitoring services
  • Live audience participation
  • Integration of audiovisual resources  
  • Participant analytics 
  • Multimedia content recording for later use

The ideal is to find a virtual event platform whose interface is complete and intuitive. In addition to making it easy to use, it will allow you to take full advantage of the resources it offers.

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Prepare an agenda of virtual events

When you decide to incorporate virtual events into your company’s activities, you must consider that there is no room for improvisation. When planning online events, you must foresee that since these are tasks that are not being carried out in a physical space, they are subject to several eventualities. 

During the planning process, the virtual event manager should consider the following:  

  • Establish a schedule that benefits all participants and does not interrupt with their work tasks. Respecting everyone’s time is fundamental. For this reason, you must be punctual with the start and end time.  
  • Present the work agenda in advance. This is in order to fine-tune details and make simple modifications with a prudent time in between the presentation of the agenda and the date of the meeting. 
  • Learn the operation of both your virtual event tools and your virtual event program. This will save you a lot of hassle.
  • Conduct a survey to find out the characteristics of the participants’ devices and their internet connection. In case any of them is not compatible, resolve the situation before the agreed day. 

Provide follow-up to each of the participants

The manager of virtual events must foresee that, in this modality, distractions can play against them. To keep participants’ attention, you need to present accurate, precise and quality information.  

The quality of the information you present to your live audience will be decisive. Also, remember that it is necessary to maintain the pace throughout the session, not to start strong and end weakly.

Try to make constant calls to action, ask for the participation of each of the guests and do not allow the dynamism to drop. If the session is longer than expected, or it has been agreed beforehand that it will be a long session, we recommend that you divide the day equally. This way, everyone will have time to freshen up and then continue.  

More ideas for virtual events can be found in the article How to keep remote meeting engaging and effective in 5 steps.  

Rely on the virtual event services of a specialized company

Fortunately, there are companies dedicated to the planning of hybrid or completely virtual events. If you are not yet fully capable of developing an event of this magnitude on your own, don’t think twice!

If you are looking for virtual equipment in Ontario, please contact us.  

In addition, at Resolve Collaboration we have more than fifteen years of experience in planning and developing virtual events. We have successfully developed more than 6000 events since our founding, serving more than 100,000 attendees.  

Our commitment is always to provide specialized attention and guarantee satisfactory results. Look at the testimonials of our clients, their endorsement is our best letter of introduction. 

For questions or inquiries, please call our team at (888) 777-7965 or email us at

We are Resolve Collaboration Services, experts in conducting managed webinars and virtual events since 2005.


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