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Virtual recording studios are a clear example of the great progress and development in communication. We have heard of the innumerable perks offered by digital media with respect to the benefits they offer.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, several strategies were popularized with the main purpose of keeping us connected with our jobs and the rest of the world.

Now, almost two years after this event, many of these strategies are still in force and have been implemented as fundamental tools for the development of business and other activities.

Webinars, webcasts and virtual events are no longer extraordinary events. In many cases they have become fundamental and irreplaceable, capable of meeting the needs that this new world demands from us.

Using a virtual recording studio for this purpose is an excellent alternative. With this we get more flexibility in the development of content and a great tool to transmit it over the Internet.

What is a virtual recording studio?

A virtual recording studio is a professional management service, in which high quality audio and video content is created remotely. The purpose of this content is to be distributed internally within the company or through the Internet.

If you are considering entering into the creation of digital content to boost your brand, expand your audiences through digital media or make the leap from social media to professional platforms, then stay with us.

At Resolve Collaboration we have a full suite of specialized digital recording equipment. With the assistance of our professionals, we guarantee professional and successful results.

The following are all the details of this service.

What are the benefits of using Resolve Collaboration's virtual recording studio?

Our Virtual recording studio solution provides several benefits that should not be overlooked:

1. Cost-effective recording solution

The digital recording method gives you two basic benefits: saving time and money. With pre-recorded content, you don’t have to worry about late arrivals or inconsistencies in schedules on the day of the event.

In addition, if a presenter or someone on the team is unable to show up, backup content is prepared. This helps you maintain an impeccable brand line, highlighting your professionalism and responsibility.

It is worth mentioning that any virtual event allows you to reduce costs, but also offers your audiences the possibility of connecting from anywhere in the world.

2. Flexibility to view and create your content

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The material produced in a virtual recording studio offers viewing flexibility. By this we mean that all the content you intend to broadcast can be pre-recorded, pre-viewed, re-arranged, re-recorded and the live broadcast fully rehearsed, well ahead of time, to ensure the Perfect event production.

This results in an increase in the gradual flow of viewing and perfecting your content above and beyond what you may have intended.

This feature of being flexible will avoid setbacks related to connectivity, viewing site, location and time zone of the users.

However, the subject of flexibility also encompasses other elements that need to be mentioned. At Resolve Collaboration, you can ask about the possibility of using the descriptive video tool, which allows visually impaired people to access this content as well.

3. Prevention of technical inconveniences

The third benefit is related to preventing technical inconveniences. When all speakers need to join live to give their presentations, many things can go wrong, from equipment and network failures to unexpected interruptions from family members or pets.

When you are looking to maintain the professionalism and reliability of your brand, you can’t afford to improvise. Our digital recording studio solution allows you to avoid technical issues or interruptions. When creating the recordings, the presenters can ensure a perfect delivery of their message. You will then have the pre-recorded content that you can use directly for a broadcast to ensure all presentations are perfect.

Alternatively, if you plan to have everyone present live, each recording can still be used as part of the backup plan. If a presenter gets disconnected, or cannot join due to last minute emergency, you have their pre-recorded presentation at the ready.

4. Unparalleled audio and video quality

The equipment you find in our recording studio is always of the highest quality. Everything from the smallest hardware element to the last detail of the digital recording software has been taken into account, perfected and maintained.

When you use our virtual recording studio service, we ensure that the audio and video is being recorded at the highest quality possible. Our editing software allows us to remove any audio disturbances that may have arisen during a perfect take.

This way, your results are always accurate, flawless and of the highest quality for the rest of the users.

The guidance of our professionals provides you with exceptional results.

How do you record a virtual session at Resolve Collaboration?

In order to perform a session in our virtual recording studio, we have a methodology that can be summarized in two main steps. The first, which includes the entire planning process and the second, the recording and delivery of results.

Let’s see it in detail.

Digital recording planning process

The first thing to do is to request a quote. This can be obtained by calling our phone number and contacting one of our team members. You will need to choose and schedule a specific day and time, meet with the designated producer, make the agenda submission, and fine tune the final details.

When this is done, your speakers will receive a direct link to the meeting.

What is the process in the recording studio?

When your speakers have accessed the link provided by our team, it is time to detail the lighting, camera positioning, audio quality and network connection. Our technicians will provide you with the best advice so that your result meets your expectations.

We proceed to record the content until you get the result you want and at the end you will get the recording material, in a downloadable multimedia file.

Resolve Virtual Recording Studio is the solution you need

Guarantee the success of your event with us. Remember that we have over 15 years of experience and we are pleased to be able to offer you real and reliable solutions for your virtual events, hybrids events and pre-recorded content.

To receive a quote, please contact one of our team members at (888) 777-7965.

Enhance your events with us!


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