How Web Conferencing Benefits Businesses of Any Size

Most people and businesses are already aware of audio conferencing and video conferencing services. However, that is not always the case when it comes to web conferencing services. Web conferencing involves connecting multiple computers to a single host application online. It is a rapidly expanding technology, which continues to offer improved functionality and features to help businesses better manage their collaboration and training needs.

If your business is not currently using web conferencing, or only use it in a limited capacity, it is worth your time to review the following benefits you could gain by utilizing this service more often. Who knows, you might even discover a new use for web conferencing you did not even know was possible.

Quickly connect computers and people from anywhere in the world.

Web conferencing makes it possible to bring people together through their desktops and mobile devices, from virtually anywhere in the world. All that is required is reliable and secure Internet connection and a computer with audio inputs and outputs (i.e. speakers and microphone).

Collaborate on projects for quicker completion times.
Web conferencing makes it possible to communicate the status of projects easily between all project team members and stakeholders. In addition, if someone is stuck on a task, web conferencing makes it possible for one person to connect to another person’s computer to provide assistance completing the task at hand.

More tools for smarter meetings.
Take turns presenting and screen sharing. Brainstorm, discuss, edit and chat. And you can record it all – not wasting time documenting, rather making use of your time for collaborating!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Are you Mac or PC? Smartphone or Tablet? It doesn’t matter! You can meet in confidence knowing that your favorite browser won’t fail.

Professional presentations
Incorporate PowerPoint and videos to enhance the effectiveness of your presentation. Have a lobby area for your participants to wait until the presentation starts. Raise the curtain and present when ready!

Reduce business travel expenses and your carbon footprint
Rather than having to pay travel and accommodation expenses to bring employees together from all over the world, web conferencing makes it possible to meet anytime from anywhere. Plus, your employees are not wasting valuable time traveling or the carbon footprint that travelling can incur.

A whiteboard tool.
Whiteboards are great tools to use when discussing various business projects, tasks, and brainstorming. Web conferencing has a whiteboard tool you can use, just like an actual whiteboard. There are even highlighting and drawing tools available with virtual whiteboards used through web conferencing.

Record your meetings or create a pre-recorded presentation.
Being able to play back a meeting or presentation is ideal for employees, who may have missed part or all of the meeting. In addition, pre-recorded presentations can be used for employee training and education purposes, where employees can view the materials based on their schedules

Incorporate video features.
If you connect or have built-in web cams on your computers, you can enable video features, so everyone can be both seen and heard.

Easily share screens, files, and documents with others.
The host or participants can share their screens, as well as open and share files and documents simultaneously with others. Everyone can see the same screen shot, document or file version. Additionally, permissions can be enabled to allow others to edit, modify, and save changes to a shared document or file.

Multiple communication options.
Web conferencing includes options for communicating through the computer’s microphone and speakers, over the telephone, or using instant messaging chat. Plus, there are multi-lingual interfaces to make it easier to share information in different languages.

Start small and grow later.
Easily upgrade to larger meetings and capacities. Use it for town halls, training employees and/or teams, offer a webinar – the possibilities are endless.

Add audio conferencing to eliminate long distance and international calling fees
Don’t make your meeting participants pay to join you online. Add our audio conferencing service and have access to local and international dial-in numbers and toll-free numbers.

As you can see there are multiple benefits to implementing web conferencing technology as part of your day-to-day business operations. For additional information and other benefits available with web conferencing, please contact Resolve Collaboration Services today at 1-888-777-7965 or visit to schedule a free on-on-one consultation or demo and/or sign up for a FREE 14 day Trial. No commitment and no credit card required.

We offer a wide range of customizable web, audio, and video conferencing solutions to suit your needs and budget, while improving productivity and efficiency for you and your employees.